Monday, October 1, 2012

Come be my guest!

Last year my friend Renee gave me four of these chairs. Three had severe caning problems as well as joint issues. 

So I decided to take two of them and make a chairbench to use as a luggage holder in one of the guest bedrooms.

I wish I could say it was as easy as it looks! Maybe if I had two more hands or a helper it would have gone smoother but I finally got the frame done. 

This would make a great pallet wood project but I used the wood from the frame of a futon which Renee and I had found on one of our garage sale runs.

So I filled in all the recessed screw holes...

...and painted the whole thing Annie Sloan's Primer Red...

...just in time for weekend company!


  1. Looks like it could double as a bench for extra seating, too.

  2. Love this Char! You are just too creative and handy with those tools.


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