Saturday, October 3, 2009

My hair is gone!

The semi-true poem about my baldness.

I misplaced my hair today.
I can’t find it anywhere.
I searched for it on Ebay.
But, alas, it wasn’t there.

It wasn’t on my pillow.
It wasn’t on the floor.
It wasn’t on my towel,
Nor hanging on the door.

It wasn’t on hubby’s head.
That I would have noted,
His own hair long ago fled
Leaving his poor dome uncoated.

I saw it in the mirror
When I first got out of bed.
But I swear I won't shed a tear
Ov’r what used to top my head.

It was the perfect Mohawk.
So easy to maintain.
It made people stop and gawk
But I loved it just the same.

I knew the hair had to go.
That’s what the doctors said.
After so much Chemo,
I thought it might turn red.

But it didn’t. It just fell out
Before I ate my lunch.
Finding it I had my doubt
But then I got a hunch

After all my searching
In every cubby hole,
I found my hair amid the bling
On my little doggie Joe.

The end
(of my hair for now)

Bald photos coming soon to this blog!


  1. Joe looks pretty cool if I don't say so myself! You are amazing, "thank you" for the poem and making me smile this morning.

  2. Dear Cher, Only you could make me laugh about something so serious. Joe looks great. I am home from my trip and available for any thing you might need.


  3. Joe looks adorable with his mohawk! Great to see you last weekend! Big hugs from Minnesota!


  4. Thank goodness pets are always there to humor us.

  5. Keep laughing honey you'll beat this bitch!

  6. Well, that was a good birthday present! And Joe looks . . . well, patient. I'm thinking you are going to look good bald.

    Your Breast Friend

  7. Ya know, Joe looks pretty cute with the extra locks!
    Cher,,,, I just have to let you know how I just could hug you. You are truly an inspiration to others who don't quite have the humor thing going for much less serious things.
    Just if times get unbearable and you have your eyes closed, think of all us bloggy girls (and boys) out here just squeezing ya tight. We love ya, even with THL (temporary hair loss).

  8. Greetings from Falls County,
    In the second photo Joe looks like Peppie-la-Pew. It's a good look for him. Need a bow tie?

  9. Now look at Joey rockin that Hawk!! I love your Courage and Humor, it shines through! Keep on shining! HUGS, Janna

  10. I am honored to know such an essentially Texas Woman.Loved your poem. Dog looks cute with his mohawk.

    Since you are such a creative woman, have you thought about paint to enhance your new look? I seriously think you could carry it off. You seem to be a woman who meets life head on.

  11. Time to start painting those paisleys up there... or some stars... eyeballs looking different directions would be good. Oh! Ya gotta have some of those temp tattoos! Lightning bolts. That's it! Joe is very laid back, but he's use to you being crazy. big hug....

  12. Hello, Old Friend,

    Your hair nor your boobs are the best part of you; it's the wonder and love that flows from inside of you.

    Positive vibes coming your way. Anything I can do let me know.

  13. you are the funniest humans I have ever met! Rock on Sista!

  14. Awesome poem mom!!!!! Im gonna miss that mohawk you wore so well, but I know you will be beautifuly bald too!!!

    Much Love

    Code Woman

  15. Wow! Keep up that great attitude. Love your way. Susan & Andy

  16. What a wonderful attitude to have! My mother lost her hair when she had chemo and I remember how she felt about it. Laughter is always the best medicine and I think you look great in your profile picture. Your puppy looks great too! :o)

  17. Thinking of you... what a beautiful woman you are... Hugs!


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