Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Have you ever?

Have you ever laid out on the grass, staring up at the sky, feeling the green blades poke through your clothing, wondering what the future will bring?

Or warmed yourself on a sun-soaked bench under a white-capped sky, wondering where your future lies?

I have.

I do.

Last week I saw my future in a news story on the Internet. It read:

A 107-year-old woman says she is ready to marry for the 23rd time because she fears her current husband might leave her for a younger woman.


  1. Nope not gettin married 23 time. 21 is my lucky number

  2. Oh my friend, you are so "with it" and your future, that is TOTALLY you!!! I lay on the beach or in my lounge chair by the pool and dream of the future. The problem is our skies aren't quite as clear and blue as the Texan skies! Take care!

  3. Ha! Ha! Ha!!!!

    You about made me spit out my coffee!!! My computer almost got a french vanilla bath because of you.

    Seriously those are some amazingly beautiful pictures. What sky!


  4. Lovely photos. Do you know if the blushing bride in the article gets a new dress each time? Maybe you could get some of her dresses and marry Juan over and over?

  5. Gorgeous pictures. Your future is as unlimited as that Big Texas Sky.

  6. Seriously! I would never try to train another husband, and especially not 23 of them! I'm thinking that social security was not prepared for her to draw a check that long! Karen

  7. Let Karen Carpenter and I sing for you: "You've only just begun..."


  8. I personally don't see Juan Luckybastard leaving for greeners pastures. How could he improve on perfection.

  9. A little birdie told me that it may be your Birthday??!!! Oh Happy Birthday to you sweet Texas Lady!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. You have the most positive attitude of anyone out there! I've always been a pessimist by nature and it took meeting my husband to make me see the world differently...I'm still working on it, but you truly amaze me, and I have no doubt you will make it to 107.

  11. It brings to mind the question "should a woman have a child after 35?', she needs to stop at the 34th....

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!!!! Hope today wasn't hard on you...know that I'm thinking of you :)
    Wishing you MANY more birthdays to come~
    everything vintage


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