Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lookin' like Juan!

I said it before and I'll say it again...the longer a couple stays together the more they look alike!

Don't believe me? Then take a look at my portrait with hubby Juan Luckybastard, taken just last Friday evening. I think we look strikingly alike, don't you? From the tops of our little bald heads to the tips of our mustache, our image shows what a healthy, happy marriage we have.

OK, I'm callin' bulls*!t on myself. Don't get me wrong, we are a happily married couple. And I do usually have a mustache. And he does wear glasses (just not those pink ones!). But the haircut itself is just more fun with chemo!

The truth about my lost hair is that when the chemo doc asked me Friday if I had started losing my hair yet, I answered no as I ran my fingers through my Mohawk. Lo and behold, I came away with a fistful of hair. Even the doctor laughed at the timing of the first fallout.

So when we got home from MDAnderson that night, Juan took the dog clippers to my thinning Mohawk and gave me HIS hairdo. The free photo-altering software GIMP did the rest.

Actual good-looking couple.

By the end of the evening, I was completely shaven bald.

I don't know what it says about me but I actually like it.

And when we take our nightly walks, cars veer away as their headlights reflect on our naked domes and they think we're an oncoming car!

Thank you, The Domestic Fringe, for today's Party in Pink supporting breast cancer survivors and battlers! You and your followers rock!


  1. You have bright shining eyes that seem to be looking for mischief. Cancer may take your hair, but it couldn't steal your sense of humor.

    I am charmed.

    Glad to meet you Cher and I think this is the best post I've read all day!

  2. Do you remember that song by Red Sovine...It'll Come Back? God and the rain will bring it back.
    I just have to have a really nice shaped head!
    P.S. The day I start looking like Cat Daddy is the day I give up!

  3. I guess I should have said "give up looking like a girl" although I'm already fighting a mustache!

  4. You are in inspiration to other women out there, not only the ones battling breast cancer, but all women out there who are facing struggles. Have a wonderful day! :o)

  5. Cher, I think you look beautiful bald! I re-entered your link because somehow an old table redo post got linked, so if you get a lot of comments on that one, you'll know why. ;-)

    Hope you have an amazing day!

  6. Crackin' me up. Good to see your creativity is still flowing, even if your follicles aren't. Happy Pink Day! ~Mindy

  7. You still look beautiful without hair and I know you will have a healthy head of hair again someday!

  8. It was neat meeting you and Juan in Warrenton. I think you over-Gimped your eyes in that last photo. Either that or you need to lay off the caffeine!

  9. You are an inspiration to us all! You look great!

  10. you crack me up Cher......and you look beautiful with and without mustache!!

  11. What have you been drinking? I am beginning to recognize that look in your eyes. You are having way to much fun! So you may keep the mohawk after your hair grows back in, so what about the mustache? Angie

  12. Cher! I loved that pic of you in a mustache, that is hysterical! I must say you look like you have a beautiful shaped head. I say this because when I lost my hair I discovered I hard a rather flat profile! I wished it was a little rounder. Never knew what shape head I had till I lost my hair. Make sure you get yourself a knit cap, my head was always cold.

    I LOVE the light in your eyes!


  13. I always told Helene if I ever believed I had a bald spot I sas doing a Yul Brenner. You beat me to the punch.

  14. You have a beautiful face for baldness!

  15. Hey girl!

    Love the new look! and you are do both look alike! what a handsome pair ya'll are....sorry I missed you at Warrenton this year. Texan hubby & I went early because I had some serious shopping to do and had to get back to the store!

    Maybe next time you have to come to Houston and are feeling up to it...stop by and see me!


  16. You two crack me up! What a hoot you are! Hope you do well next round. Love Susan & Andy

  17. I'm sure your sense of humor will help you through this ordeal. Know that there are many who say prayers for your full recovery.

    I actually did a post for today on BCA that you might like:

    I'll be back to visit and cheer you on.

  18. You're a hottie no matter what, Cher!! Love ya', girl!


  19. Cher it was so good to meet you and Juan at he blog party....and I love your new look. I am inspired by your strenght and positive attitude. You go girl!!!! Lauri@chippys

  20. What a great pair you two are. So glad I got to meet you both at Theresa's blog party.

    You are so correct about couples looking alike. I'm waiting to look like my Tall Husband...we already have the same coloring but I'm patiently waiting to be thin.

  21. I have a feeling you will never want hair again! It is way too much trouble anyway...and hot! Yep, I can see it now, Cher starting this new style for all of us...a bare head and a cowboy hat!

    Love you, girl!


  22. Cher, you're too fun! It was such a joy to meet you at Theresa's blog party last week. I like both the mohawk and the Juan look on you. The real question is - How does Juan feel about a sudden twin? =)

    Blessings... Polly

  23. I did not know you'd grow a mustache... amazing. I do like the shaved look. Let's do Juan Luckybastard's.. He's got entirely too much hair.

  24. Reminds me strikingly of my young nephew. As he started to go bald, he got out a razor and shaved his whole head, then said, "I'LL DECIDE" when I'm going bald!"

  25. You gotta know I LOVE the look! And, you are "areo-dynamic" as well! Just go find some downhill race and prepare to win :-)

    speaking about winning...come on over.

    Bless you little bald head...

  26. Oh my God are SO beautiful.
    Well then, that makes Juan LuckyBastard beautiful too!
    Therefore, ya'll make such a beautiful couple!!!!
    You are sooo funny girl (& amazing too)

    everything vintage

  27. Heavens above... obviously its been a while since I have been this way... cannot believe ANOTHER of my bloggy mates is hitting the chemo. Dear me... hugs and healing thoughts your way. Will catch up on my reading when my crazy life gives me a chance (this week sometime, I hope!!)


  28. PS You look awesome bald. Shame to hide that fabulous skull dear!!

  29. Hey gorgeous, I gave you an award on my blog today - you made me smile and I thank you! Jennifer

    Hugs and Smooches

  30. Hey there - I am sending healing thoughts and prayers your way! It is great to see such a beautiful Texan. Your new look is fabulous! I will keep an eye on your blog to follow your progress. Us Texans need to stick together!

  31. You are awesome and funny hair or no hair, I appreciate your sense of humor even though you are going through tough times. Love and peace to you.


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