Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bad to the bone!

I hear looks can be deceiving.

But surely not when a guy sports a phat tat like this. This dude must be bad!

Especially since he also has a haircut like this.

A kinda scary thug!

Especially when he comes with more tats and muscles too.

And, of course, when a person like this smiles, you don't know WHAT they're up to.

Wait. He's sewing on a button?

So he can wear good clothes when he goes to see...

...his godchildren?

I guess looks CAN be deceiving!

This bad boy is really a good man and my youngest child Kid Coffee. His looks are just his way of trying to do his part in keeping Austin weird - Austin, Texas, that is, where he and his friends own a coffee shop on Lamar Street!


  1. Love your chair photo... Now onto the pic of the son!!! Yeah.... he is definitely my type.... if I was single!!! The hair, tatoo, good looks, he's got it all!! Hehehehe , Tootles, Janna

  2. What a cutie!!! Bet he ain't no stinkin' Republican! I want to know the name of the coffee shop...I may just drop by his coffee shop and we will talk about YOU!


  3. I'll have to check out this place next time we are in Austin. Love his tattoos.

  4. cher... I love it!!! Your youngest is just like my oldest ... except I think mine has MORE tattoos!

    Lots of love and good wishes your way!

  5. Love it!!! actually my son-to-be is covered with tats, ya know, the real scary kind, but some are actually pretty and he is the sweetest man I know and he treats my daughter like a princess everyday... I just love him.... What he did at 20 made him grow up and the tats are just a reminder of the past.

  6. I love Malisa's comment the best ;0} Good looking kid, and you know, when I see tatt's, I look at them more like artwork. Then again, my son is fond of "artwork" as well!

  7. Yes do let us know Mr Coffee's place of bizness!!! What a cool young man!!!! And one who has it together at such a young age! And knows how to sew a button are one great Momma!!
    Hope you are doing well waiting for the are always in my thoughts and prayers!!!

  8. Tell the ran out of canvas and animals to paint on and grabbed him, right?
    I think tats are cool and I would get one if I wasn't such a crybaby! You ought to see the dolphin on my DIL's's a doozie!
    Tats are the norm now...we're the ones that are strange!

  9. Yikes, Cher. He has Obama's ears!!!

  10. I'm with Deb...I want a tatoo but too scared I might not let them finish the job! He!He!


  11. I just love a man who makes a stsement..who's comfortable in "him" ! He has such a fabulous smile. Our family, me included, has many tats...once you get 1,you have to have more!! And for you "fraidy-cats"..yep,they hurt at first,but then it's not bad,worth it for the fabulous piece of art!


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