Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dissing the artist's eye!

Of all the photos I took at the Scott Kelby's Annual International Photowalk the other Saturday, my favorite is this shot of a plastic chair in a doorway.

I like the simplicity of the composition, the lines and angles in the photo, the bold complementary colors, and the neutral black and tan which seem to push the red and green even further up the color chart. It all comes together like a freshly blended Christmas dessert.

So when a friend showed me some cute, contrived pictures on one of those send-around email slide shows, I clicked on Texas Woman to show him MY photos.

"But you just went around taking pictures of things you saw," he misspoke, dismissing the artistic eye needed to spot beauty in everyday things.

I wanted to respond with "Like golf is just you hitting a small ball into some little man-made hole." But of course I didn't say anything. I work for him Wednesday afternoons and want to keep doing so until our project is finished.

But it all reminded me of a story I heard many years ago at a mall art show. An oil painter strolling through the artist stalls stopped at a photographers booth to admire his pictures. "I love your photos," the artist said. "You must have a great camera."

Like me, the photographer said nothing. Later, as he roamed through the mall, he stopped at the same artist's stall and said, "I love your paintings. You must have some great brushes."

Ta-ta-da boom!


  1. Your last paragraph is PERFECT!

  2. Man, that red door is VIVID! And there appears to be a wedge of mandarin orange on the wood deck in front of the chair. Nicely done!

  3. Ha!....I love it!!

    ....and I love your chair composition as well. :-)

    On a more serious not....
    I hope your and yours are well and safe tonight.

  4. Cher, Glad to hear everything is ok...We were there and going into Kroger when they stopped us and said they were closed.

    We got the heck out of Dodge.

    You are always welcome if you ever have to leave, either here or at the lake house.


  5. The composition is representational & abstract at the same time. I like the bold color background.

  6. Love the picture. Still praying.

  7. Man I wish I could think that fast!!! ::))

  8. I love this shot! I wanted to go on this photowalk so bad, but I was in Florida......please share more pictures with me? Tell me still involved with this project?


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