Monday, August 3, 2009

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

Maybe urinals don't have the same motto that real estate does. You know the one I mean - location, location, location!


  1. That is hilarious. Hmmm, wonder how they do it? Couldn't be "code" do you think?

  2. I forgot to add, that my first thought was that I found this no bake lemon cheesecake recipe I was going to pass on to you. Well, her it is anyway lol.

  3. I'm laughing now. I just remembered I had "another" thought? What were you doing in Walmart's men's bathroom anyway?

  4. D. Aim and fire at will!
    D. No peeking
    D. When we're dancing cheek to cheek
    D. Spittin' images

    Sorry, Malissa is out of town...I thought this was a pop quiz!

  5. I would like to hear that answer about Walmart's mens rooms too! A am sure there is a good if not illogical answer!

  6. ???is this where the "pissing match" saying came from do ya think????
    lol!! u have the BEST sense of humor!!! of course you make me pee my pants..that darn bladder...tmi i know i know...!!!

  7. Picture this...two men at the urinal doing there business... one guys starts to hum...and then starts singing... "Getting to know you...getting to know all about you..." Haaaaaaaaa

  8. A really stupid plumber lost his job over that... I hope!

    It's bad enough when a contractor can't read blue prints, but some just have no common sense. A little story...

    When I was having my home built, the fireplace contractor initially installed my gas-burning fireplace in the kitchen pantry. He had to cut the door opening bigger to make it fit. It was intended for the master bedroom and it was a corner fireplace, so he had one glass opening facing a wall. And there was, of course, no electrical or gas hookups at that location. You would think somewhere along the way he would think, "Something just doesn't seem right." True story. Seriously.

  9. Um, maybe they should (have the same motto, I mean.)

  10. Priceless posts and pic!! Love the comment above, teenie weenies!! Tootles, Janna

  11. That pic is priceless! I guess they would not do well in there if they were "pee shy"?? :)


    Come see me soon!

  12. ok...I can not come up with a clever comment like everyone else.....I thought the photo was so funny,then I read the comments...priceless. Thanks for the laugh everyone,I SO NEEDED IT!!!!!! Happy Weekend.


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