Thursday, May 28, 2009

When is a cake not a cake?

hen it's a plate of spaghetti!

This was a fun cake to make and eat! It's a crowd pleaser, yet so simple and doesn't take much skill at all!

I gently sculptured a plate in the top layer but you don't have to go to that much trouble. Just pile on a lot of frosting-spaghetti, squirted straight from a Wilson decorating tip. The spaghetti sauce is pie cherry juice out of a can. I used the cherries themselves in something else. If the juice is too thin and runny, mix a little corn starch into it until it's the consistency you want.

Told you it was simple! Want a piece?


  1. You have an amazing amount of talent in all areas of life, I'm impressed!! Speaking of cakes, there is this blog called, They show ALL the cakes that have "gone wrong". I submitted a photo of a cake a while ago I had for a bridal shower. Ordered it at the grocery store, was suppose to say, "somewhere over the rainbow". What it looked like it said was, "some whore over the rainbow". Welcome to my world. Oh, btw, my enemies call me "asswipe" in case you are still wondering!

    hhmmm...I wonder what we could make those out of????
    Love the cake. If I were closer, I'd come get a piece...of the cake of course! ;)
    evertyhing vintage

  3. Where in the world did you come up with this idea? You are a clever woman...sometimes you scare me you are so clever! By the way, you have got to QUIT asking that question "do you want a piece?".

    Yore bud,

  4. You can eat that cake for dinner.


  5. Get out of town... and send me a piece!! Love it, bet is is yummy too! Tootles, Janna

  6. Seriously. What kind of mind comes up with a Spaghetti Cake???? I sure hope you write up stories about this stuff, 'cause I KNOW you could sell them...somewhere :-)

  7. Laughing...awesome Cher! I should make this for my hubby...he LOVES spaghetti!

    Wishing you a superb weekend.

  8. Good night nurse that's creative.


  9. Nasa needs you! With a mind so clever as yours surely they could put you in a think tank so that you could come up with somethin' to save us from all that space junk. Cher, what do think about industrial sticky tape?

  10. Hi! Cher,

    I have tagged you...check out my blog for details.



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