Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My bedside companion!

Dateline: Houston

Apparently, a Texas woman (no, not me!) shot a man in the back as he was running away with her purse.

When asked to explain her actions, the woman stated she was on a street corner waiting for a bus to take her to her job as a waitress. It was a little scary, she added.

Dern, knowing Houston, it was a lot scary!

Anyway, her purse was hanging over her left shoulder but she had her hand inside it, gripping the butt of her pistol. (I told you it had to be dern scary!)

"All of a sudden," the woman said, "I was being spun around hard to my left. As I caught my balance, I saw a man running away from me with my purse!"

"I looked down at my right hand and I saw that my fingers were still wrapped tightly around my pistol. The next thing I remember is saying out loud, "No way, punk! You're not stealing my pay check and tips."

So she shot him six times!

"Why did you shoot the man six times?" the judge asked.

The woman replied, "Because when I pulled the trigger the seventh time, it only went click."


  1. I truly love that... now I know what my excuse is gonna be....

  2. Never underestimate the power of a gun carrying woman!! Don't want to be looking down that barrel!!

  3. AMEN SISTAH! don't ever mess with a Miss with a spiffy .45! ox lulu

  4. I know I've said this before... but I will say it again...I am a pinko, lefty, peace-loving hippie, but don't mess with me or I will shoot you!


  5. Oh, I love it! You will probably like this one too.

    Bad Guy: "Let's get it on!"

    Good Guy: *BANG!*

    Score: good guys 1, bad guys 0

  6. Love that one :) They say if your going to shoot, empty the

  7. Oh My I think I have girl wood for this woman.

  8. Once again I am laughing!
    I love your stories Miss!


  9. Talk about Chesty James and her 45's!

  10. I know this will come as NO surprise to you, but guns scare me!!

  11. And men say women with guns are scared to shoot...yeah right!

    You didn't finish the story Cher...Is the asshole DEAD?

    everything vintage

  12. Now that should send a message to thieves! Someone attempted to rob my great aunt while she was on a bus one day. Little did the thief know that she had a hammer in her purse and commenced to beat the man silly. I'm not sure he robbed anymore little old ladies.


  13. This is great! There is another lesson, wear you purse messenger style, a robber is going to have to take me down and drag me with him! Angie

  14. Waiting for the bus, gripping the butt of your
    pistol...she sounds like a saavy woman.

    She certainly 'beared' her arms.

  15. Love concealed carry laws. Makes me miss Texas even more. Sure gonna hate having to leave it again tomorrow.


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