Sunday, May 31, 2009

Signs from God

I’m always on the lookout for signs that God throws my way. I don’t seem to respond to His subtle hints. He needs the full thrust of thrown lightning bolts and booming thunder when telling me something!

Take the time IT Guy and I and several cousins were visiting the horse racing track near Dallas. As I turned to ITy to suggest placing another bet, the lens from my eyeglasses popped out and fell into his lap.

Sign from God:
Stop betting.

Then there was the time I decided to grab 20 minutes to go to a junk store when I should have been working. I turned behind a car that was stopped at a red light just as that driver decided to back up - right into the side of my car.

Sign from God: That one kinda confused me. It was either Stop going to junk stores or Stop cheating on your employer by junking on his time. I chose He meant the latter.

I’m not the only one who needs heavy signs from God. Ol’ Jon and Kate of reality TV fame can’t seem to see the trainwreck coming down the road either, so God keeps throwing them bigger and bigger lightning bolts - this time in the form of an investigation into the abuse of child labor laws.

Don’t Jon and Kate realize that by drawing attention to themselves, they’re making it harder and harder for good people like the Octomom to get her own show?

So just in case J & K + 8 is taken off the airways, I’m offering them titles for a new show, based on other popular series. After all, I'd hate for them to have to get real jobs!

  • Jon Plus Date With Eight On The Weekends
  • The O.C.D.
  • How I Left Your Mother
  • Desperate Multiples
  • Law and Order: Kate’s Special Victims
  • Num8ers
  • The Dysfunctional Unit
  • Rescue Us
  • Terminator: The Kate Story
  • Cold Kate
What show titles can you offer J & K? They need your help!


  1. I don't watch the show, so I don't have anything to offer. As Jeff Foxworthy would say, "Here's your sign..."


  2. I don't watch it either but am really getting tired of those two being thrown in my face every time I try to read the news. Personally I think they were afraid of being upstaged by Octomom. In any case, they are not the only *reality* family in TV land... are others investigated as well? If they are truly being followed along in every day activities, how can there be a child labor issue? They are supposedly being filmed living their life as it happens. While a bit extreme, I don't see it as any different than a family member running around at home with a video camera. Not that I am trying to defend them or anything; I think it's reprehensible to be pimping out your kids in this manner. There are plenty of other families doing the same thing on TV yet they don't end up in the tabloids.

  3. This was a great post and you know me I love a challenge. How about "The Biggest Losers"...wouldn't even have to change the name!
    Then there is always "American Idolatry" or "Honey, I Sold The Kids". I really like your idea about "How I Left Your Mother". There could be a spin-off..."How I Met My Lawyer".

  4. Our beautiful TWINS, then those other 6...
    Their body language on that sofa is sooo funny. You wonder how they got those kids.
    Out of 8 kids at least half are always SCREAMING...

  5. Oh, I am laughing! I will return in a minute with some suggestions! Happy Hour is calling right now!

  6. Great Blog! I do watch this show...I really feel bad for those kids, but Kate treats Jon pretty darn poorly in my opinion. She's a real...snot. (I would normally swear here but today is Sunday). Anywho, maybe "Survivor" would be a good re-name for the show...yikers.

  7. Too funny!!!! Love the rundown of show titles!!! A long time ago my hubby and I said they would have to rename it John & Eight minus Kate after he strangled her!!! They are both a real piece of work and the stress shows when their kids start whining!!!!

  8. Oh Cher...I've never watched the show but I heard the scoop. I'm sort of morbid as I love your #10 Cold Kate the best.

    Let's say...
    The Broken Bunch
    Everybody Loves Jon
    The King of Kids

    Okay Cher I better quit, I'm starting to sound corny...
    everything vintage

  9. I love this show but can't bear to watch it anymore, it's too painful. They need to take it off the air. J&K need to remember what's important - their family.

    PS - My vote is for Terinator the Kate Story!

  10. Great post! I'm laughing at someone's comment..."Everybody Loves Jon"...that's perfect.


  11. Awesome suggestions for the next show.

  12. I don't watch the show but just read the tabloid headlines in the checkout line at W. (What else is there to do when the line is backed up!) Their kids are the ones I feel sorry for. Don't you know all the kids in their class watch the show and know just what is going on at that house! How sad! Talk about child abuse!


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