Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The joy of finding original art!

One of my favorite things to search for at garage and estate sales is original art!

Framed and ready to hang, paintings are sold at prices that make the artist in me scream with frustration and the cheapskate in me giggle with pleasure.

$3.00 at a church sale.

$20.00 at one of Renee's customer's estate sale.

$10.00 at a garage sale. A big name artist too!

$1.00 each at garage sale.

$2.00 at garage sale.

$1.00 at a church garage sale.

Above and below ones at a deceased friend's estate sale.
A couple of bucks each, probably, but I really can't remember.

And here's my latest picture. It's truly a wonderful piece in oil,
painted on a piece of corrugated cardboard.
I can't believe such a beautiful piece is painted on cardboard!
Whoever painted it (no name), knew what they were doing.


I love this piece and look at it several times a day.
Do you have a piece of art that you feel this way about?


  1. I'll give you $20 for the lot right now!:) How have you gotten so lucky finding all these wonderful paintings? Come on, tell your secret! Are you stealing them?


  2. who is the artist in # 2. That picture looks hauntingly familiar.

  3. Malisa, At those prices, yes, I'm stealing them. My secret involves three firsts. Steal money out of hubby's wallet first, get to the sale first, and look at the art first.

    Gladys, the artist on the second painting is Bill Earnest. Know him?

    The Texas Woman

  4. I am a collector of original artwork too. In fact, Cat Daddy is my favorite piece of work! All kidding aside, I really do collect art. I have several pieces...I guess I ought to do a post on them and see if anyone can help with the artists. I don't pay a lot either. Sometimes people just don't see what we see, you know?

  5. No, don't know that name but it looks just like my Uncle's Ranch where I spent my summers.

  6. DANG! You got some great deals! Texas has the best garage sales. :)

  7. Great finds! I love my Kim Parker's! I just love looking at them! they make me so happy! Jen

  8. Love all the art...yep, you are a thief! ;)
    Just wanted to stop by from next door and tell you that I LOVE the idea of RED at the bottom of my table and...NO, you can't bring it home as I've become rather attached to it, unlike the hub. Off to find some red so have a Happy Easter and I hope the rabbit is good to ya!
    everything vintage

  9. Amazing pictures. You got awesome deals. The chicken picture is my favorite.


  10. I just adore those old farm scenes. Looks like the prairie-my stomping grounds. You did real good, girl! Luv~Betty G~


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