Friday, April 10, 2009


Here's the Easter basket at our house, already loaded with goodies.

If you look closely, you'll see our basket was created by using the dried shell of an armadillo. It was probably made by Charles Apelt, a German basketmaker who first displayed these baskets at the 1902 World’s Fair. The Apelt Armadillo Company, which disbanded in the 1970s, is the only known commercial company that raised armadillos for basket making.

It's sick, I know, but it's history.


  1. Is it really possible to like it and not like it? I think it's soooo cool, I just don't like the thought of it...ewww.
    I've seen stuff on this blog I ain't EVER seen before...that's why I love it so much! You are so full of surprises!
    Happy Easter to you too!
    everything vintage when you start having baskets made out of bunny ears, we are going to have to put you up somewhere...

  2. Oh man! That is so freaking cool... I would totally rock that in my house!

  3. Hahaha...I used to have an armadillo purse. Ohhh and at the Killer's Ball every year they not only sale armadillo purses, they have armadillo stew, armadillo jerky, armadillo balls they are really small ;), armadillo salad, grilled armadillo... I sound Like Bubba in Forest Gump.

    Just call me Bubba Gladys.

  4. What a basket!!! I've gotta show that to FringeMan.

    Happy Easter!


  5. No place else but Texas...and no one else but Texas Woman! Those are interesting looking Easter eggs in that there dillo basket! You make em? Hope you and the IT guy have a beautiful Easter. Grilling armadillo on the barbie? I am kind of scared to ask this...but here goes...what is the Killer's Ball? Is Dick Cheney the guest speaker?


  6. You're house must be kinda like a zoo without the poop and feeding times!

  7. I can't believe you live in Bryan....I come to Bruan at least once a week and would love to have lunch with you if you wish.

    Wishing you a Blessed Easter.

    Your close neighbor,

  8. That is some funky junk! I like that you care about preserving the history of someone's vision of art. Thanks for the example of how to show respect for someones unique vision--even if some of us find it disgusting on some level.

  9. I still miss the ones on the side of the road with a Lone Star in it's arms....

  10. I'm back.... gonna get this right... in this life time....

  11. yess'um; that thar's a shur nuff peece of gin-u-wine Texas history for certain!! uh huh,,,guaranteed early american salad bowl, 'round about 1836 i do believe; Yippee Kai Yea!! heeehee ;; have a great day Lady Texas; see ya soon at the OK Corral


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