Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turquoise jewelry.
Ya gotta love it!

I absolutely adore this ring with its sky-blue turquoise and rich patina.

I bought it at Cowboy Andy and Cowgirl Susan's tent in the Bar W field at Warrenton this Spring show. Yes, it had a small problem but the price was small too.

I took my treasure home and pawed through my jewelry, looking for a necklace with beads that matched the color of the turquoise stones in the ring. Bless my Texas luck, I found one.

I stole one of the beads (restringing isn't that hard as long as you use new string), cut it in half, then reshaped it with a nail file to fit the dry socket.

Here's the ring and the shaped piece...

...and here the repaired ring. IT Guy glued it in with some of his remote control airplane makin' glue!

And here's my favorite ring on my favorite ring holder, just waitin' for the next time I get to wear it.

Thank you, Andy and Susan. And no, Andy, you can't buy my ring back for the same price I paid you for it!


  1. Well aren't you just the Jill of All (Texas) Trades!

    Just wanted to send a warm Louisiana "Hi Ya'll" to you and let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog...(except yesterday's, eewww) ;)

    I found you through Deb (Mrs. Trash) and I have to say...you Texas gals really know how to kick it up!

    everything vintage

  2. I DO love it...big and chunky, like my men! I really dig the ring holder, too.

  3. I want to see more of this, less of that. This is great. Good looking ring, even better repair job. ~PJ

  4. You are so clever, but then I already knew this. Love the ring and it's amazing that you could find a replacement stone and make it fit! Yep...Clever!

  5. Did you buy that for me? That is so nice of you, Cher! Love that ring! Were you aware that a ring goes in a bull's NOSE??? Just like you to have an anatomically correct one! Rub it for luck?


  6. Love it. I do that only I end up at Michaels or JoAnnes looking for the replacement part. I found the missing sized rhinestone for a brooch I had then lost the damn brooch.

  7. Oh I LOVE Turquoise jewelry! It goes with EVERYTHING!
    trailer trash

  8. Thanks for the visit, I had to throw that painting in to cover the potty.

  9. I hear big rings are all the rage this year. I like yours and cannot believe you found a matching bead. Great find!



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