Sunday, March 1, 2009

The most loaded question in radio!

Have you heard the radio ad for Super Beta Prostate? An anonymous male asks, "Men, do you wake up at night to urinate?"

Well, dern it, I hope so! The consequences of not waking up to do so aren't very appealing.


  1. I was thinking of a catheter, actually! By the way, Cher, I just wrote the check for one of them fancy ass beds like u got! I told Lurch Happy New Life present!


    Now, if I can just find a way to pay for it! :)

  2. Hey I thought the 36 hour hard on was bad... peeing the bed is worse.

  3. You are hysterical! And no, I have not seen that commercial...but, will keep my "eyes" peeled.

    thanks for droppin' in at the Yaya! Have a great week..give "IT" a hug from me! xo...deb

  4. My cousin was a sleep walker as a child. He once got up and went to the bathroom and back to bed without ever waking up. So it can be done. Only problem was, it wasn't the bathroom, it was his parents bedroom. And it wasn't the toilet, it was their trash can. Oh well, still better than wetting the bed, wouldn't you say?

  5. I have a little somethig something for you on my blog.


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