Monday, March 2, 2009

Teachers are class conscious!


They’re bossy and straight-laced. Don’t have a funny bone in their whole body. They don’t cuss. Don’t act wild. Don’t drink nor fornicate.

They carry rulers and swords and use them wickedly if you’re bad. They mark your blogs up with red writing, findin’ all the misspellings’ like they were the dang-burn grammar po-lice!

The only thing teachers are good for is thinkin’ up treasure hunts for their peeps!

See that there pink thingy on the side? That there is your invite to a treasure hunt. I didn’t want to put it there but a teacher made me. Like I said, she carries a sword. She’s mean. She’s gonna make us work for our treasure!

Jump on over to that there blog she’s so proud of and find out all about it.

But beware! She’s mean!

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  1. Damn! A+! You are so funny! Lurch always says that a teacher is the best sex partner because they make you do it over and over until you get it right!

    Thanks! You get an extra recess!



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