Saturday, February 7, 2009

Want a project with punch?

Here's one for you that delivers big time:

Decoupage an old suitcase!

Emily Interesting created this stunning example using a decoupage medium as her glue and sealer. She suggests using real photos and paper artifacts instead of copies and I can see why. The different thicknesses add a lot of visual interest to the piece.

After one or two layers of medium have dried on the finished piece, Emily rubs a little burnt umber craft paint on the project to make those paper pieces stand out. Then she adds a couple more coats of medium to achieve that professional look.

Heckfire, that's a gorgeous suitcase, isn't it?

Emily lives in her Interesting home with husband Harry Interesting, four dogs, a cat, and a treasure trove of Interesting items. You don't understand yet but you will by the end of the week. Stay tuned. More Interesting decorating tips direct from Emily coming soon!


  1. I like it. Mindy was showing me some old documents including a Western Union telegram today that would work for this. Think someone could decoupage an 80 year old lock of baby hair?

  2. That looks like a project even I could handle! (If I wasn't so doggone lazy, that is!). Problem is C.D. might pack it up and set it by the front door after my last post! Debbie

  3. I like it! I am intrigued now...whats with Emily Interesting? You are such a tease!


  4. Very nice. You can even store stuff inside to hide junk...I like that idea. I'll have to make myself a stack of them.


  5. Neat idea. I'm not much into projects. But, I can sell folks the postcards and documents! haha ~Mindy

  6. Love that first photo and love all the elements used!

  7. Isn't Emily amazing? She was another garage sale find of mine, she is so talented and she has an amazing eye for fabulous antique bargins. Her husband Harry was my favorite fine at their first garage sale I attented, Every time I bought something he gave me something! He is my new cashier in the estate sale business I have revived, and Emily is my cleaner, arranger, The Texas Woman whose blog I am in awe of is the PR person and greeter, she has an awsome way about her and she knows everyone in town or will soon. What I find neat is every man from 10 to a 100 is attracted to her!!

  8. One word...Warrenton. That's right! I said it! It's likely! And College Station, too! Woohoo! Will keep you posted!


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