Friday, February 6, 2009

Decorating with vintage advertising!

This cowboy's for you, Jamie!

This great piece of vintage advertising on denim is 13 feet long and 3 feet high. It just fits the wall in the hall leading to our guest bedrooms.

Someone used it as a paint cloth once upon a time but it's still a wonderful piece. I've had it for years but up to now I've been storing it at Renee's house.

Renee, of course, had not a clue it was mine and it took over a year for me to convince her of the fact. She has a horse painting that's mine too but there again, she thinks it's really hers, poor delusional woman.

Across the hall from the Lee Riders piece is an old mirrored door (remember those) that someone put into a homemade frame way before I bought it at an estate auction thirty years ago. The shelf currently holds a chalk painting of my youngest son that I did an eon ago.

The boxes I just seem to accumulate. I have a deep, inner need to stack.

Please tell my husband in the comment section that I need the carpeting in the whole house replaced with tile similar to the picture below.

Thank you very much. I'll do the some for you same day.


  1. Looks great in your house, it was not doing much for me under the cabinet in the garage, where you had left it. Love the tackle boxes stacked up. I guess I need a few also.

  2. Wow! I love the cowboy. You do need the tile, for sure. And I want to see the chalk painting better. More of that good stuff, please. ~Mindy

  3. The chalk painting of her son is so good. She never shows the really good stuff. Not that the banner isn't good, but not as good as her art. Renee, where's the flower painting you were going to show of hers? ~PJ

  4. Oh, ya, the carpeting definitely has to go! I'm sure the carpet is filled to it's brim with bad things like dust mites, mold spores, old germs from your shoes, rug bugs, etc. The tile is just the cure!!

    The mirrored door in the frame is incredible. Looks awesome. The denim banner is really cool too. I couldn't believe how large it was. That's great! Glad Renee came to her senses and gave you back your stuff.


  5. I'm kind of in the middle of a floor remodel, myself. So I won't comment on that until I can be a little more objective! I do like the banner. I can just see that hanging on the fence of a rodeo somewhere.

  6. I wrote you the longest comment...and it disappeared! So here I go again...

    Dear Texas Woman and IT Guy:

    I am writing to inform you that I had a bad dream last night...really more of a nightmare! All of my friends pay attention when I have a dream because I am known to be be sickic...I mean, psychic! You need to take my dreams seriously! I really don't know how to break the bad news. Please don't kill the messenger! How do I say it? Okay, I am going to just spit it out!

    In my nightmare last night, I was in College Station. No! That was not the entire dream! Anyway, I was in College Station and I was at an open house. The house was beautiful...full of dead animal of grandchildren who had been given away...stacked boxes...there was even a stuffed rattlesnake! When I asked the realtor why the house was being sold, he hung his head and big tears rolled down his chubby cheeks as he explained the plight of the homeowners. He said that a very deadly carpet parasite had jumped all over the home owners and had completely taken over their bodies! As I looked around I saw no carpet...only beautiful tile floors. When I inquired about the tile floors, the realtor explained that the government had come in and rid the house of all carpet in order to rid the world of parasites! He said that if the home owners had only known that beautiful tile was the answer...they could still be enjoying their beautiful home!

    I have no idea how my dream might tie in with your life, but I felt an urgent need to tell you this story! Apply it as needed. Remember that you have been warned!

    Good luck!


  7. Ya know, Malisa, for a democrat, you're not half bad. By the way, Rush says hi.

    The Texas Woman

  8. Thanks! I resemble that remark! By the way, you are the only person I know who actually reads my labels! Ha! I knew you would respond to that one!


    Tell Rush to quit calling me! I am out of Vicodon!

  9. Love your banner! I love Moonlight's comment. Let me know if it works on getting the new tile you need. I'll retell this dream to my better half & maybe we'll get new flooring too!

  10. Why do people respond well to aerial advertising

  11. All I want to tell your husband is--
    He is a SAINT !!!

  12. TW, first let me say I love the mirrored door and the boxes.

    Second beg, plead, promise blow jobs whatever it takes to pull your carpet up and put down those floors. You will not regret it. I myself did those very things I just suggested and wound up with a beautiful brick parkay floor in a pattern called gumbo. I love it. It wears well especially with three dogs and a bucket load of kids in and out. Did I mention that when I'm not slackassing in Montana I slackass on a granit dirt hill in the Southern California Desert? Yeah so you see I need simmple easy to clean.

    Ok sorry I droned on.


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