Thursday, February 5, 2009

Regifting God's Gift

Sometime next week I will be regifting my grandson C-Bear to one of you lucky people. I say regifting because C-Bear is truly a gift from God, the best kind of gift to receive.

This gift will come to you well loved and gently used.

He comes to you with a vast knowledge of a wide assortment of things so you won’t have to educate him. He already knows it all.

He comes to you with a mouth on him and he’s not afraid to use it.

He comes to you with a detailed mental map of his own shopping mall and he'd love to get to know yours - just not with you.

And he comes to you with many friends but I’d advise you to not accept the charges when they call.

Why am I regifting such a valuable and beloved item?

Because he’s sixteen. He’ll be seventeen in a month and we don’t know if we can take another year of this gift from God.

Want to try your hand at regifting? Go to

And keep checking your mailbox. C-Bear should arrive about Wednesday!


  1. Too funny! The FringeKids would be more than happy to gain an older brother. Sounds like he'll fit right in too...he already knows it all like the rest of us!

  2. Oh, no you don't! I have two teenagers of my own! I'll be marking it "return to sender." And don't be surprised if the box is about three times as heavy when you get it back.

  3. There is a reason I have not born chillin's. God knew there were other gifts I would do better with. So, lose my address if you ever want to see the man child again! ~Mindy

  4. Miss Manners says you should never regift. I'm pretty sure that covers teenagers as well. I do however accept yin, yang and travelers checks for C.D. Debbie

  5. Since I dont have kids guess I will just listen to your accounts and go home and hug my dog and cat.

  6. I only have a dog left in my household...well if you omit my daughter and 3 grandchildren... but they live upstairs and I live down under (them), so my doggie and I would love C-Bear, mainly because he is a gift from God. Love those gifts. I'll be watching my mailbox and I'm checking out the link... I may have to regift something too...

  7. Don't you wish it were that easy?

    Alas, we can't pick & choose which genes we bestow on them, just have to take 'em how they come.

  8. If he can pee in the house instead of off the deck...if he can put the seat down...if he can say "yes, mam'...I'll take him! I only had boys. I am used to their ways. Send him on!


  9. Thanks but no thank you, I have a fourteen soon to be sixteen year old of my own...Good luck!


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