Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Posterize yourself for posterity!

Long before Obama ran for president, Kinky Friedman ran for the office of governor of Texas.

Kinky didn't win but he did have great signs and posters! I wanted him to win just because of the artwork alone.

Then Obama came along with a similar type of artwork for his posters. I didn't feel the same about him winning but I did like the artwork, even though it mimicked Kinky's.

I guess you could say Obama's posters were Kinky copies.

Well, I was jealous. I wanted my own Kinky copy, but not of Obama. I wanted one of ME!

By chance, I stumbled upon a website that offers to turn a photo of your choice into Kinky copies.

It's fun. It's free. It's at this URL:

Be ready to upload the photo of your choice. Create your poster. Register with the website. Download your own poster onto your computer.

Then in four years you too can run for president.


  1. Cher, I love the poster! Miss you today on Wacky Wednesday! Angie

  2. You've got my vote Cher! I think I need a poster.

  3. Is that like a Kinko copy? :)

    I was a Kinky freak! Oh, that doesn't sound good, does it? Well, I love Kinky!

    Thanks for this cool website! I will be Kinkified!

    I missed you on Wacky Wednesday too!


  4. Kinky is another Texas treasure. I have my own personal list of Texas giants and believe me, he's on it. Hey, ask IT Guy if you can bring Kinky along to the party. He should be the king of working a room. Debbie

  5. Just visiting... didn't want to miss anything. Love your poster. I don't think I'll be running for office but I still want a poster. Just need to figure out how to get my picture on my blog. I'm not computer literate...yet!!!

  6. Kinky's is way better than BO's.

  7. Hi Cher , I think you are onto something - our first woman President ! Great poster, Sue


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