Sunday, February 8, 2009

Emily Interesting loves doors!

She loves new doors and she loves old doors.

But Emily Interesting especially loves old screen doors.

Emily thinks doors are blank canvases awaiting a special touch. And if there isn't a door where she thinks there should be, Emily puts one there...or rather she points and Harry Interesting puts one there.

My absolutely fav Interesting door is this old bread screen between the dining room and the sun porch, the most used and loved room in the house.

This is the regular bread door to the room.

And this door is between the entry hallway and the dining room. That's an old glass mailbox below the window, one of several in the house. OK, this door's my fav.

No, maybe it's this one. It's a screen door to the bathroom. Yes, the bathroom. (There's another door behind it for privacy.) And how about those wonderful chippy shutters? Are you beginning to get the idea that Harry Interesting knows a little about hanging doors?

The door next to the bathroom opens to a closet. A wonderful, original watercolor hangs in glory, the white surrounding door literally forcing a visitor to look closely at this beautiful piece of art.

But not all doors are solid. Here's the door to the living room, with a tease of the fantastic stained glass within. I was going to show you the windows Wednesday but I just can't wait that long...

The peace and light reflected by these full-length, exquisite windows calm the soul.

And next to the windows is St. Andrew, full-sized and exuding love and grace.

If you think you can't create such charm and style in your own home, you're mistaken. The Interesting house isn't in some fancy subdivision. It's on a quiet street in an older neighborhood.

And the house is small, possibly 1,700 square feet. Both Emily and Harry say they need a bigger home to house all their "stuff." You'll see what they mean Wednesday. Well, you'll see part of it. There's so much I can't show it all. You'll just have to drop by their house for tea.

But a bigger house wouldn't matter. The Interestings would find a way to fill it up with Interesting things!

Oh, Lordy, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Luckily, Wednesday is only two days away.


  1. I LOVE screen doors! Mom's best friend had a thing about us kids slamming the screen door. She would always make us come back and close it softly 10 times! I love the smell of rain (stirring up the dust and dirt) coming through an old screen door!

    Great pics!


  2. Screen doors are great, but not for bathrooms or submarines.

  3. It's amazing how she's incorporated all of those into their home. So creative!

  4. Very interesting. That's a LOT of doors! I'm looking for an old one to use as a headboard. I really the door with the shutters on either side. Can't wait to see more of the house.


  5. It's an antiquers DISNEY LAND and I know the Pirates of the Carribean are in there somewhere!!

  6. The stained glass is amazing. Great stuff. ~Mindy

  7. Cher, can't wait to see more of her home. Love all the uses of the doors and shutters too!

  8. I, too, love the smell of rain stirring up the dust and dirt that has settled in an old screen door. The Interesting's home would probably
    be intoxicating to me... Your reports suggest
    that they are both lovely people.

  9. What a fun house. Not like at the carnival 'funhouse' but a fun decorated house.

  10. I'm looking for an old screen door to use as my pantry door in my new house. HELP!


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