Monday, February 9, 2009

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

Put your contacts in, Gladys. You'll want to take a good look at this ad for Nutrient Water.

Since you wore your eyes out looking at the unique lettering in Happy Valentine's Day, I'll help you out on the last line. It says, "Enjoy a longer lasting Valentine's Day. Be bad. Drink good."

I'll drink Nutrient Water to that!


  1. Now that's water worth drinking!


  2. That gives a whole new meaning to, "Make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed."

  3. Can you really do those positions? I would need a large amount of Ben Gay after, You find the best smut.

  4. I'd like to buy a vowel, Vanna! Debbie

  5. Holy Karma Sutra Batwoman! I'm going to have to take a few more Silver Sneaker Yoga classes before I can even begin to try out that kind of stuff.

    Water? Why is everyone talking about Water? ;)

  6. Hey, baby, let's go up to my place...and spell!
    Yes, darling, I want to make a word with you!


  7. This would make studying for a spelling test fun!


  8. This reminds me of an impromptu shopping trip
    in a tourist restaurant near Schulenberg years ago.
    On an over-night trip to visit the painted
    churches, I forgot to pack a nightgown, so I
    was happy to see a rack of T-shirts in the
    restaurant. But, alas, they were all so gaudy &
    touristy--until I saw an interesting white one
    decorated with black bone figures posed across
    the front--something unusual to sleep in and wear later with jeans. I thought. When I got
    into the car, I showed my mother-in-law and her
    sisters-in-law my cute sleep tee; they
    immediately suggested I return it. It must have
    been a 'graphic' tee.


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