Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Emily Interesting Part 2. No, wait, it's Part 3. No, that's not right either! Who knows which part it is but there's another part coming on Saturday!

he Interesting stuff never ends at the Interesting home. I could show you Emily and Harry's carnival collection (and I don't mean carnival glass!) which you would NOT believe, and maybe someday I will, but right now I want to show you ideas which you can use for your own collections.

Emily is full of ideas. Harry is just full of it (just kidding, Harry!).

So let's continue with the tour. I won't say a word. OK, I'll try not to say a word. It will be hard. You just look and love all the ideas that will be coming your way.

I knew I couldn't shut up. Here's a couple of closeups of the above pictures. Two frames house and preserve beautiful pages that are works of art in themselves. Instead of never being seen unless you pick up the right book, they are displayed in frames for all to admire.

Another is a cameo, not closed up in some drawer or lost among other collectibles, but framed so its beauty can be highlighted.

Here's another charmer: an old, tiny doll that some long ago sailor carved during a sea voyage. How tiny is it?

The arrow points to where this little treasure hangs high on the wall. I'm not even going to mention what a wonderful use of architectural pieces this is because I said I wasn't going to say a word!

Another architectural detail is used below to distract the eye from kitchen storage, but I also spy a Mickey Mouse collectible on that shelf.

OK, you and I don't have a Civil War Era dresser sitting around but Emily does and see that chip the arrow is pointing to? That happened during the war, shot by a soldier through the window. It's a family piece so she knows the story is true. What history is in this house!

PJ, I put the Interesting's folk art here just for you. Aren't they wonderful?

Hey, there's Eddie Murphy making a call! He must have forgotten his cell phone. Hi, Eddie. This is a tall piece. I'm standing on the stairs taking this photo.

Sweet, sweet doll and clothing display!

Oops, sorry. Don't know how their cat got in here.

Just look at this faux brick wall Emily did. It's across the hall from the bathroom screen door.

Speaking of doors we saw the other day, these displays are behind the Rainbo Bread screen door. The antique with the crane inside it is one of those old-timey games where you put money in and try to grab some toys and candy with the crane. I bet their grandkids love this one!

These pieces are over the master bed.

And it's a good place to end today's tour. Don't be sad. I have more. See ya here at the Interesting home after garage sales Saturday!


  1. Oh, my gosh! Take me there! I want to touch, pick up and play! Too much eye candy at once! I LOVE that religous piece! Wowee!!!

  2. Just as you promised, more fabulous pics. Thanks for the tour, T

  3. How great to see there are still some "real" collectors out there. Great stuff! Love the religious piece, a lot. Debbie

  4. Love all these posts. I know you say anyone can do this, but I'm not anyone. I might be able to capture the collage above the bed. Really liked that and may try it. Thanks.

  5. Some of you ladies must be clutter blind! ;-)

    Some good ideas there, though. I like the framed book page concept, although I don't care for that particular frame.

  6. I don't know what to say. I've never seen a telephone booth in a house before. I do think it's completely awesome! What a bunch of treasures she has in her home. I just wouldn't want to do all that dusting.


  7. Love the folk art paintings! I sold a confessional to a couple for their house. They said it was the hit of every party. These folks have a great collection, and I bet have fun stories about where & how they bought each piece. I love seeing actual homes, instead of propped magazine photos. thanks, Cher. ~PJ
    fringegirl, you don't dust, you turn the lights down low...

  8. I love this collection! I like those little toys on top of what looks like a candy crane machine! What part of Texas do you garage sale in! I can tell its not the panhandle!


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