Monday, February 16, 2009

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

The Boob Remote

The up and down channel buttons are, where else, under the bikini top. Flip down bottom for number and re-set controls. Notice how nice it fits the man-hand!

David's clicking on CoolestGadgets as fast as his computer will let him!


  1. You mean as fast as Mindy will let him. know he won't want an imitation. I'm glad I'm still up to see the latest in technology! It's always good to stay abreast of new developments! Debbie

  2. We knew it was coming. The remote is like holding on to their best friend, but more socially acceptable.

  3. What a stocking stuffer that would be! Too funny.


  4. You know I wouldn't miss Totally Tasteless Tuesday! I gotta get Lurch one of those! It's boobalicious!



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