Sunday, February 15, 2009

Repurposing a headboard

I saw it at a garage sale. A headboard with one finial broken off. No rails.

I liked the design and knew what I wanted to do with it but they wanted $7.50 for the dern thing. And it was broken! With no rails!

There were other garage sales calling our names so Renee and I left the headboard 'til later in the day. I knew it wouldn't sell in that condition and it didn't. In the end, the garage sale people took a dollar for it!

I carted my prize home. With a power compound miter saw I cut off the other finial and evened out the broken end. It only took seconds.

I taped off the square tubing and spray painted the ends. Not solid. More of a shabby paint job of black with brown showing through.

Then I turned the whole thing upside down and fastened some antiqued chains to it.

I never cook on Saturdays but I grilled shrimp in butter with garlic and served it over brown rice and peas (quick, easy, good) to bribe IT Guy into hanging my project for me.

And he did! I love my repurposed headboard/room divider.

What do you think?


  1. I think you are one clever cowgirl, my friend! Debbie

  2. You're a visionary, Cher! Very nice!

  3. That looks amazing! I never would have thought of that. Definitely worth cooking, even on a Sat. night.


  4. It fit great, it pays to be persistant.

  5. Looks great! I wish I could see things the way you do.

  6. Cher, that looks so cool and it is perfect for the space! it is like it was meant to be!

  7. Lookin' goooood. A dollar well spent. ~PJ

  8. What a great transformation and what patience you had to wait for the price you wanted.

  9. Wow that looks great. If I had bought that it would still be in my garage with the rest of the junk I have been meaning to "re-do".

  10. Wow. Very cool. You have a great imagination and it looks terrific. (Sounds like a delicious dinner, too.)

  11. Love it! Love it! Your junk vision was executed nicely!


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