Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't bother sending my computer a card!

My laptop’s been in ICU at the local hospital. It wasn’t visiting either. It was sick!

Luckily for me, the ICU is located at IT Guy’s office down the hall at our house so I could visit my computer often, monitor its care and feeding, and take it heart-shaped lollipops for Valentine’s Day.

It’s now back in my writing area where it belongs, which makes me so happy and makes IT Guy happy as well. I’m off of his computer, for one thing, and out of his office for another.

The dogs are happier too because they both like to sit beside me or on me when I post, sometimes even trying a little typing themselves, and they can't do that when I'm on his computer. I think I’ll rename my little doggies Typo and Miss Print.

My sis is out of MD Anderson as well and back home in Denver where she belongs, which makes her and her IT Guy (yes, he’s a computer doctor too) happy as well. She had good news and bad news this trip, plus a new course of chemo to occupy her time.

I’m sure she wishes she had a different hobby, one of her own choosing, instead of this one which consists of fighting Ovarian Cancer for twelve years now.

On the way to drop Sis off at Bush Intercontinental yesterday (a two hour drive one way), we stopped by the Junkin’ Yaya’s in Houston.

Oh my, oh my, oh my. What a grand woman and studio! If you haven’t been there (and some of you that should have stopped by there, haven’t, if you know who I mean, Theresa! I was forced at gunpoint by the Yaya to say this, T.), do make an appointment and stop by to have a look-see at Debi’s new shop! Wonderful stuff in that there place!

Before we hurried home to Bryan where the dogs were crossing their legs to keep from wetting something, we stopped for some BC Powder, or legal cocaine as IT Guy calls it, for a headache. Upon backing out of the parking place, IT Guy almost ran over a street walker.

I knew she was a street walker because of the height of her hair, her tight gaudy clothing, and a complete lack of underwear. With one quick glance we were able to see where her appendix had been removed, various vaccination locations, large love handles (which obviously come in handy during working hours), and three hickies.

I wish I could say I saw this near accident coming but I didn’t. She carelessly arose from out of nowhere. Luckily for her and her clients, It Guy was quick on the brakes and she was a nimble thing, jumping out of the way with a pirouette that would have done her pimp or madam proud.

But even if I had seen her abrupt appearance forthcoming, I probably wouldn’t have said anything. I hadn’t gotten IT Guy anything for Valentine’s Day and letting him practice his former fire-fighting and first responder skills on this gal was a freebee gift I just wouldn’t have able to pass up.


  1. I know I deserve this. One day I'm going to surprise her! Isn't she a hoot. Kinda like you!

  2. Hey darlin!

    It was such a HUGE treat yesterday to get to meet all of you and you even getting a chance to meet "Texan hubby" himself! I cannot tell you what an honor it was to have you show up and "suprise" me at the studio...good thing I was willing to unlock the door not knowing who you 3 hoodlams were! LOL

    Give my love to your sis and Mr. IT...I look forward to seeing ya'll again soon.

    (Thanks for the "B" slap at Ms. T....her and I go back a few years and she has yet to bring herself down to see me. LOL) I tell her that I will believe it when she shows up at my door...wonder if I will unlock it??? :)

    Just kiddin' ya Ms. know that!

    xo...deb (junkin' yaya)

  3. I swear up and down I wasn't anywhere near the vicinity of which you speak. (BTW, thanks for not mentioning the tatoo!).
    I keep begging,I mean telling C.D. we need a trip to Houston. I so would make it worth his time and trouble.
    You and your sis look so alike. It's incredible or scary.....there are 2 of you!!!

  4. What a great picture! And how I wish I could visit junkin ya ya! You girls are all so lucky to be surrounded with so many treasure troves in Texas. P.s Do you remember that dentist display case you suggested I put a dead animal in a while back? I put a dead little woodduck on a piece of driftwood in there and it looks sooo cute! thanks Texas woman for the tip!!

  5. I can certainly see the family resemblence!

  6. Hi,I'm Ann.I have a Texas button on my blog in the side bar if you'd like one.It's just to represent OUR TEXAS...Ann

  7. Ok, I really am laughing out loud. Your description, complete with love handles, did the trick.

    I agree completely with David...definitely can tell you're sisters and both lovely. Send her our best wishes.


  8. BC Powders rock!! I have been addicted to those thangs since 1992. The only place I can get them in Santa Fe is Wal-Mart. But my addiction is under control - I have yet to run over a hooker while gettin my fix!


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