Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The conclusion of Emily Interesting - unless they invite us back, of course!

So this is The End of Emily Interesting. Sounds like a great name for a mystery, doesn't it?

If you haven't been following along, Emily and Harry Interesting are collectors. Their house is wonderfully full and wonderfully...well, interesting. Before you look at the rest of the pictures, remember, this isn't an antique store. It's a home full of beloved items.

Here's goes:

Hi, Renee!

I just had to get into the picture here!

Shawl is from the Civil War.

Thank you, Interestings, for inviting us into your home. Can we come back and see the rest of your Interesting things?

I hope so!


  1. It totally blows the mind! So this is where all the good stuff we can't find has gone. That is some serious collecting. I sure hope they have insured all of it...it's worth a fortune. Debbie

  2. LOTS of interesting stuff! If her interesting stuff ever gets boring, she's already got a store set-up.

    It's really an amazing collection.


  3. Renee sure looked all comfy sitting there drinking her mixed drink, I mean ice tea :) Beautiful place!!

  4. That home could be a great site for a scavenger

  5. You did a great job on showing SOME of Emily's things.Can't wait for more pictures.

  6. What an amazing collection. Your next book could include this home!

  7. Where is your recipe section????


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