Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Missy Redlover's home tour continues!

My friend Sie pointed out in the comments of the last Redlover post that although my photos are good, mere pictures can't possibly "convey the coziness and genuine warmth" of Missy Redlover's home. Ya gotta be there! And Sie's right.

But since you're not there, get ready for a super-long post and, as Paul Harvey says, "the rest of the story!"

Don't bother trying to count the Christmas trees in Missy's house because there won't be a prize for the correct amount - mainly because nobody knows the correct amount!

Missy's daddy made the children's picnic table.

Stop right here. Notice something absolutely darling on this entryway wall?

No? Then here's a closeup of the darling detail.

Missy decorates all the bedrooms for Christmas.

This tree is decorated with Missy's mothers costume jewelry on the garlands...

...with the premier piece on the topper bow.

This next piece of art is a true gem! Missy made it from more of her mother's jewelry. Isn't it the greatest?

She even decorates the bathrooms!

I hope you enjoyed Missy's tour as much as I did. She gave me some wonderful ideas and even invited us back to see her house without all the Christmas things...

...but it will still be red. After all, it's Missy Redlover's house!


  1. The house tour was greaaaaat, red red red my favorite.

  2. Amazing! It's really beautiful and warm and cozy. I LOVE the kid's picnic table...her father did a wonderful job. I like how it's the coffee table and always ready for use. I thought about putting little trees in my kid's bedrooms next year, but then I thought maybe it would be excessive...I guess it wouldn't. I like how each room is decorated with special things. Thanks for finishing the tour.
    Merry Christmas Eve!

  3. Such a lovely home! Have a great holiday! Jen

  4. Happy holidays from The Graveyard Shift!

  5. You just want to stroll in, sit down and
    settle in. Missy makes it look effortless.

  6. What a beautiful home, thanks for the continued tour!

  7. I happen to know "Missy" personally and besides having impeccable taste, she is an amazing woman.


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