Thursday, December 25, 2008

Why my children are in therapy!

Merry Christmas
to all!

Who squashed the cat?


  1. You are sick. and your children turned out pretty well, but IT guy was part of that! Merry Merry.

  2. Poor Kitty! I remember one Christmas in the Trans-Pecos area...I had an empty bottle of tequila in one hand...and my other hand was busy unlatching the cages of mountain lions a guy kept on his ranch for big city "hunters". I kept saying Poor Kitties! Thank goodness my hubby was following right behind me locking up everything I unlocked! Another fine example of the Good Lord looking out for me!

    Hope you and It Guy have a beautiful Christmas!

    Merry! Merry! Peace! Peace!

  3. You neeeeed the therapy, your sweet children neeeeeed to sign the papers and commit you. I'll testify at the hearing, tell 'em to just let me know when to show up. ~PJ
    You forgot to tell everyone that cat is what you served those children for Christmas dinner....

  4. Oh, Lawsie, I enjoyed that laugh.

    Obviously, I'm sick, too. lol

  5. Thanks for giving my whole family a laugh! Your home is just full of surprises...remind me to keep my dog out of Texas.


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