Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Help me! Ninety-fifth post and counting!

I need your help! I am desperately seeking the written sound that a newspaper comic page child makes when he sticks out his tongue and blows. You know the one. It's always shown with spit spurting from his mouth and thumbs in his ears, fingers wagging.

What is that word? I need it!

I have looked through the comics in my pile of back newspapers. I have searched, skipping over the dirty words that some people think are so hysterically funny (OK, I didn't skip over all of them. Some of them really are funny!). I have even asked people who now think I am totally nuts but who probably never really thought I was quite sane before either.

You see, I have this fool of a friend (we'll call her PJ to keep it simple) who writes such lies and tomfoolery that I need to use this term to reply to her emails.

I've tried using "Pfsst" but she just said I failed spelling!

I tried using "Phhshaw" but she said I was spitting!

Please help me. It's the only word that will shut her up!


Moonlight Hollow Musings said...
Evidently your readers have not studied the history of the Santa clan. Raised at the North Pole, the clan had to survive on a diet of red beans, pinto beans, lima bean, kidney beans and black beans. The Santa clan diet resulted in big, round, bloated bellies, red cheeks and massive amounts of flatulence. Ergo....the flatulence flap!

Rlege said...
You have unearthed a Pelsnickle!!! Definition: a somewhat sinister looking Santa Claus figure often modeled of papier-mâché, usually of German origin, made around the turn of the 20th century.The Pennsylvania Dutch Santa figure, Pelze Nichol, which was pronounced "pelsnickle" by Americans eventually became belsnickle.


  1. It's called a rasberry. Ok, maybe that's not the technical term, but it's what I've always heard it called. I realize we talk a little funny here in NY, but I'm sticking by my guns...rasberry it is.

  2. But what's the written sound the rasberry makes? How do you spell that sound? I need to know!

    The Texas Woman

  3. After an extensive and time consuming hunt I have unearthed two spellings for you. Keep in mind for these to really be effective, one must be able to draw spit around the soundwords! Oh, and I found it is also called a bronx cheer. Ready? Bleah(courtesy Peanuts-Snoopy) and ThbPBPthpt. Now come over to my house and hang garland and string lights!!! Debbie

  4. Cher, I can't spell normal words! I write with a second window open to plwbbbb with spatters of spit flying all around. I'm sitting here blowing rasberries at my computer for like 5 minutes trying to phonetically diagram the vibration my mouth is making. What's wrong with me?! I'd go with Talking Trash's spelling.

  5. "I'm sitting here blowing rasberries at my computer for like 5 minutes trying to phonetically diagram the vibration my mouth is making."

    OK, Frinegirl is cracking me up today! First on her blog and now on her comments. As for the spelling, I don't think there is a wrong way. Just pick one and run with it!

  6. And I obviously can't spell either! Sheesh!

  7. Just say "Yes, Mam" and I'll shut up... for a couple of minutes...

  8. I think it's something like ppbbllttt! But I can't find it either.

    I hope your doggy is doing better.


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