Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Texas Butt Trash" and other web searches!

I asked for it. I mean, I only have myself to blame. I’m talking about titles on my blog postings.

Ya see, apparently people search the web for words and phrases commonly used in The Texas Woman titles. Who knew?

Well, Goggle Analytics knows and every morning I get a report of keyword searches where my blog appeared. It gives me a good laugh with my breakfast Margaritas.

Yesterday’s blog showed up when some poor gal entered, “What are some sex things I can do for a guy.” Obviously she’s not a Texas gal. We KNOW what to do with our men. I don’t think my list helped her much.

“My Famous Butt” is still creating a stir. OK, that could be taken the wrong way but once again I don’t think my blog post helped the searchers much. “Famous Butt Scenes” and “Famous Texas Woman” COULD have been me, but I doubt it.

“Hoots Butt” I just don’t even understand. Maybe FringeGirl does. She used butt in one of her titles once. “Texas Butt Trash” isn’t me because I’ve never smoked. It does have a good ring to it, though.

You can bet your famous butt that a Texan wasn’t searching for “Longhorn Antlers.” We all learned in the Texas 101 class that cows have horns; deer have antlers. And what the heck does “Saling a Snake” mean, anyway.

I had a good laugh over “Decorative Dental Rugs.” I had visions of rugs with crowns and drills and Mindy’s grandmother's teeth woven into it! Snakeman probably searched for “The Buck Stops Here Rug.” I think he really needs that rug because hunting with a bow and arrow doesn’t produce much meat.

Phrases using “Peyote” picked up The Texas Woman a lot. I didn’t realize the drug was so popular and especially around El Paso. “Peyote Skull” was my favorite. I figure he must be a heavy user and that’s a nickname. “Hey, Peyote Skull. What’s happening, man? Haven’t seen ya fer awhile.”

You’ll swear this was me - “Purse Dead Animal Texas.” I admit I was tempted to run a search on that myself but I was afraid roadkill would be involved.

There were three searches I just know were trying to find me - ”Texas Woman Blog Spot George Cooney” (Renee finally confessed that was her search!), “Texas Woman I Love You” (IT Guy, maybe? Nah, probably not), and “Woman of Olden Days.” I knew I shouldn’t have put my age on my blog!


  1. I'm not even going to mention what searches my blog name dishes up-use your imagination! I will tell you I found C.D. on photo images for white trash Nascar. Too funny! Tn'T

  2. You know when I read the title of your last post, I knew it was bound for trouble. But hey, in our great land, we judge books by their covers and your titles certainly do draw us in. I mean we must keep reading! I bet people would pay you to write book titles...think about it...could be lucrative.

  3. Hi Cher,
    I'm so glad you are following my blog, I've been reading a few of your posts and and sure getting a giggle over them.

    Your garage sale looks like it was great and isn't it great to have a friend like that?

  4. Only You!
    could get serches, like that! I am amazed, it is not wilder than that? Are we going to need heavy coatsx on Sat?

  5. Your blog needs a warning label! Maybe it should read, "This blog is rated TXW-1. One margarita should be consumed before viewing this content." If you keep it up, the minimum might be raised to two!



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