Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sex things...I mean SIX things about me! part two

OK, I need to award this Kreativ Blogger thingy to four more people, then tell you six things about me. I'm in a hurry because my beer is getting warm! You have to click on the names to see who and what they are.

Suzanne - If you like good photography, go see this site. Just looking at it will improve your own pictures.

PJ - If you like folk art, go see this site. It will give you a new appreciation for America and her artists.

WhisperWood - If you like junk (and who among us doesn't), go see this site. I can't decide if I like it for the good junk she finds or the good pictures she takes of the good junk.

Karen - If you like a good crisp, go to this site and then go back several posts to get the recipe. Yummy! Plus her life is more interesting than mine.

For all you people I didn't award anything, I want you to know I wanted to but they wouldn't let me do more than six. They are mean bloggers.

Now the SIX things. You're not going to like them but I'm going to tell you anyway!

1. I'm on my fourth marriage. The first two I killed off but the third one is still living. He's in constant pain, though.

2. Two of my children are aliens. Not the illegal type. The from-outer-space type. I'm not telling you which two because as yet I haven't told them. Somehow, with the state the world is in, I don't think they'll mind too much.

3. I hate junk. Oh, I say I love it, just like I say I love garage sales, but really I hate it all. If I'd told you earlier that I hate it all, you wouldn't have let me hang out with ya' all.

4. I drink margaritas for breakfast. Orange juice upsets my stomach but this way I still get my morning citrus.

5. When I eat hot dogs, I use real dogs.

And finally:

6. Renee writes all my blogs!


  1. I know for a fact that Renee doesn't write your blogs! She rarely sits down and writes her own. But, I must say, I have enjoyed her comments of late! Congrats and thanks for the laughs! ~Mindy

  2. If you had not called and told me to go to your blog, I would have missed this more than likely for at least two days! I had just asked you to write my blog, you are way to creative to just have one blog to tend to. I cant wait till,my first new entry, but please use proper grammar[surprised I can spell it?] and spelling and punctation make me look samrt!!

  3. The truth finally comes out-I knew it! Margaritas for breakfast? What a hoot. Tn'T

  4. Oh, thank you! I neeeed an award for my self esteem, or attitude or something... Does this mean I get to tell the stuff I told the doctor while laying on the couch? Gawd, this could take awhile....I'll need that margarita... or two...

  5. You really are a comedian. Now that's your calling. Too funny!!

  6. You've really got me laughing....except that if you're lying on your blog, and you added my name to the list of -what kind of award, I can't remember now LOL- award winners, then I'm really wondering what you think of my crisp! AND, now I've figured out where you've gotten all the furs I've seen on your posts! I'll bet they came from chee-wawas, right? Well, thanks for being a kind bloggy friend though ;-) Karen

  7. LOL! Do you use skinless dogs? I'm going to check out the award winners. Have a great day!


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