Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Awarding Good Writing...part one

I feel like a voyeur! I'm suppose to be deciding who will receive my Kreativ Blogger award but instead I got tangled up in the past posts of a couple of really good writers.

I feel like I'm outside their homes, peeking through foggy windowpanes. I watch them go room to room, pick up this topic and that, explore them, and gently place them down again, knowing them all the better and sharing that knowledge with me. I recommend you trek into their archives too.

The first writer to get my award is FringeGirl from The Domestic Fringe. She's already got this once but as far as I'm concerned, she needs to get it every post! She makes me laugh (out loud, like I'm watching Funniest Home Videos). She makes me think. She hasn't made me cry yet, but she's tried. I'm tough. (I'm thinking of the 401K sign here!)

FringeGirl hasn't been blogging long. My question is: If she's this good as a two-month old blogger, just think of the treat we'll be reading next year at this time!

The second writer for my award is Deb of DidDebDoIt. I'm SO jealous of her. Deb has Mondays. We all have Mondays, you might be thinking, but Deb has art Mondays with a group of like-minded artists. Yep, Deb makes me want to do my art again.

Deb's photography alone is worth the price of admission to her blog. OK, there's no admission price but there should be. Her written word is much deeper than mine. More introspective. More rewarding to the reader. I'm fluff; she's a thinker!

All this has nothing to do with the picture above, but I knew you wouldn't read this post without a photo! Renee gave me the sign this weekend. I placed it on the table and liked it so well that I think I'll keep it there, except for when I dust.

Like I ever dust!


  1. Cher, thank you...I mean it. Maybe I'll wash my windows and then you'll get a better view. On second thought, it's probably better for you that my windows are foggy, slightly dusty, and filled with fingerprints. For the record, I don't like to make people cry. I'm a sympathy crier (cry-er..I don't know) and then my mascara runs and it's just a mess.

  2. Thank you Cher, my heart is all a flutter! (blushing and bowing with a twirly skirt curtsy)
    I honestly write directly from my heart thru my fingers, by way of a camera lens and keyboard! Blogging has become my visual journal collage to share with friends and family, and along the way I meet new ones just like you. Hugs!

  3. Will you please write my blog for me! It's to much like work,and you have a very active imagination!!


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