Friday, November 14, 2008

Cowboys and Cowgirls and Love = ART

I adore murals at restaurants. Make those murals about cowboys and cowgirls and I am ecstatic! This is a tavern and eatery in the famous Northgate area of College Station.

Look at the size of those murals. To get both of them in the picture I had to take the photo from across the street!

Don't you just love how the painted shadows make the mural pop? Want a closer look? Come to College Station!

No, really, for a closer look, scroll down.

Fiddlin' around on horseback...

A beautiful woman waitin' on the steps...

Reminds me of the night IT Guy and I met!


  1. Hey Tex, I just want to know. Were y'all fiddlin' around on horseback too. Great shots! Tn'T

  2. You are DOGGONE funny and a great photographer too! Debra

  3. It's a good thing you live in Texas! We don't have any cowboys riding around on the sides of our buildings here in NY. I think we could use a few though...definitely, we need a few cowboys up here.


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