Monday, November 3, 2008

Meet Sir Bailee Smith

Sir Bailee is our foster dog and he's just as sweet as his picture. He's up for adoption because his real mom is ill and can't keep him. He's a four-old registered, neutered Pomeranian whose birthday was Oct. 28. (I hear you singing Happy Birthday!)

Bailee weighs nine and a half pounds, is up on his shots and heartworm meds, and loves having his back scratched right in front of his tail! He gets along well with his foster dog-siblings, but I don't know about children since I don't have any around and neither did his real mom. (IT Guy calls me Submom!)

He's house broken (Bailee, not IT Guy, but come to think about it, so is IT Guy!), sleeps through the night, and follows me everywhere...even to the bathroom. I haven't had an audience in there since my babies were toddlers. Remember those days?

If you are interested in adopting Sir Bailee, and if you live in or around the Bryan/College Station, Texas, area, contact the Impact Animal Foundation at (979) 402-2511 and ask for Tami. A $100 donation to the organization, along with a completed adoption application, will be required so his mommy can be assured he'll get a good home.

And Bailee and I will love you forever!


  1. Oh, he's cute and housebroken too. What a deal! I'm sure he'll find a nice home in no time.

  2. I hope this cute baby finds a loving family to go live with. Sadly, my rotten little baby prefers to be an only child. Tn'T


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