Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hangin' around with my rugs

This past year I've run across several rugs crafted by American and Mexican Indians. The vivid colors and woven texture add a lot to my western-themed home.

My daughter Code Woman found a dugout canoe (another story for another time) she thought I'd like in a Houston restaurant that was being redecorated. When IT Guy and I went to purchase it, there were several other items we were interested in so I asked the manager what another hundred dollars would buy and it bought plenty!

Four of the things in that century bundle were the rustic display ladder, the Indian Blanket signed art piece, the 4 x 6 rug on the upper rung, and the 2 1/2 x 5 hall runner. We think they all make great accent pieces. Well, at least I think so. I'm sure IT Guy doesn't care one way or another. If it doesn't have wings on it and isn't controlled by a transmitter, he doesn't give it a second thought.

The loomed blanket on the bottom rung of the ladder was found at a local flea market Renee and I sometimes frequent. It was created in three pieces then sewn together to make the large, colorful blanket.

More rugs on a post later this week. I'll even show you how Renee showed me how to hang rugs on the wall without damaging them. You might already know but I didn't have a clue.

Oh, and the little cowboy by the ladder is an old cookie jar, long devoid of goodies.


  1. Great rugs! I look forward to learning how to them without damaging them. I've seen people hang quilts behind their bed in place of a headboard and I like the look.

  2. Neat rugs and the ladder is a pretty neat one, too! Karen


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