Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hang 'em high (rugs, not the western)!

I like these Mexican Zapotec Indian rugs better on the walls than I did on the floor. Their design and colors show off so much better.

Renee (a junk queen) told me how to display them because I didn't have a clue. I probably would have used 16-penny nails. In fact, Renee was with me when I bought the rugs at a house sale so she must have felt responsible for proper installation!

First, buy a piece of 1 x 4 lumber and cut it to the length of the rug. I added six inches to the wood (three for each side) so I had plenty of room to find the stud on the wall but if you plan better than I do, you won't have to do that.

Then cut a strip of sturdy fabric long enough to cover the length of the rug and the width of the piece of wood (four-inches). Hand sew with double thread the strip of material to the edge of the rug.

Place the wood against the sewn fabric so that the rug is flat against the wood.

Pull tight and staple top of fabric to wood.

Also staple fabric to back of wood.

Find wall studs and screw wood strip to wall into studs.

Even though you'll need help holding the wood and rug up, it is an easy project that packs a wallop in a room.


  1. Gotcha! I had to read thru it twice but then the light bulb went off. Cool! Now, how do you clean your rugs before hanging? Tn'T

  2. Very nice of you to share. Looks good! ~Mindy

  3. Your rug looks great on the wall, but I'd lose all ambition at the "hand" sewing step. I'd rather make a dress from start to finish with a maching than hem a pair of pants by hand. It's so pathetic. I actually bought hem tape last week.

  4. I know how to hold up a rug while you hang it! I go over for a short visit and end up with my arms over my head! While you go to find the screw driver! They do look amazing on the wall so much impact! I wish I had wrestled that one you have on your wall in the livimg room from your talented little hands!!! I have been trying to leave comments on everyone's blogs with out assistance from The Bloggers Helper, so i may have it right thids time.


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