Sunday, November 2, 2008

Facing down a frog!

I read somewhere that if you really like something in a friend's house, tell them you're interested and that if they ever want to sell it, let you know.

That's what my friend Ann did with some things in my Toy Room. Since I have redecorated that room and have a garage sale coming up next weekend, she came over today to claim some of her pre-picked items.

As she started to close her trunk, she noticed a grumpy tree frog in harm's way on the trunk's latch.

Doesn't he look grumpy? I ran to get my camera so I could catch that expression.

He kind of settled in on her arm like it was all good, curling his feet under him. I swear his expression softened. It was hard to get a good focus with my camera so IT Guy decided to try his luck.

I handed him the camera and all of a sudden the frog decided he saw a better perch...


Frog legs anyone?


  1. I love tree frogs! If I were to ever get a tattoo, it would be a tree frog. I bet the face visit tickled! ~Mindy

  2. Oh My Goodness! How funny.

  3. I LOVE Green Tree Frogs! But I'm glad Mindy doesn't have a tattoo! That's two reasons to be happy!

  4. He looks like he's jockeying to become your
    Prince Charming #4--or is it #5?

  5. I'm biting my lip in the picture because he had first jumped on my chin, then put his foot in my mouth as he crawled up my cheek. So it was probably more of a case of "kiss my butt!"

    The Texas Woman

  6. oh what a picture! love, love these froggy shots! I linked your blog to all my Froggie lovers!

  7. Great Pic. I love the frogs, we have a family of them living on our porch.

  8. Love the frog pic.It made me laugh and thats not easy on a Sunday night with Monday coming in the morning. LOL I'm liking your blog and I share your addiction to garage sales.


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