Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One dead thing, two dead things, three dead things, more! Four dead things, five dead things, six dead things, snore!

Mindy of Primitiques 'n Poetry commented that she wasn't much on dead I'll show another one!

Funny she said that today because just last night I couldn't sleep. I tossed. I turned. I tossed again.

Finally, I decided to count how many dead animals IT Guy and I have in our living room and entry way. I fell asleep at fifteen. If I can't sleep tonight, I'll do it again and see how far I get. It's like naming the seven always forget who the last one or two are.

Yes, we've got a lot of dead things, but you've got to remember that we're country people. Rural folk have always decorated with dead things. It's just a fact of life for us, maybe because we're around more dead animals than city folk. Or maybe it's because we respect animals so much since we make our living with them.
Anyway, this is George Cooney. I bought him a year or so ago at a garage sale, where else. I walked right by him. Didn't even see him. He was way in the back. Renee, A Junk Queen, spotted him and called me back.

"Did you see this?" she asked. No I hadn't!

So, if it hadn't been for Renee, I wouldn't be living with George Clooney...I mean Cooney.


  1. I'm laughing (yes, out loud)! It was the name that did me in...couldn't hold it together after that.

  2. Funny, I always pictured him taller. Debbie

  3. The name is funny! Call me a city girl. I just don't want dead things in my house. I'll stick with Grandma Joy's teeth. She doesn't need 'em anymore! ha! ~Mindy

  4. If I ever have one mounted, I think I'll ask the taxidermist if he can make it climbing up a deer feeder leg and spinning the plate. You know, in it's his natural setting!

  5. Poor George
    he is getting more company all the time.Whats the saying regarding a dead animal being used as a table decoration?


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