Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogging in the pasture!

Ain’t blogging a cow kick to the head.

In other words, I think blogging is something different that’s happening! Something exciting! Something fun! Something meaningful!

Or it could mean I just got kicked in the head by a cow while blogging wireless in the pasture.

Whichever, I love the powerful results of blogging so much that I think it deserves a new term, complete with definition:

Blogships - friendships developed through blogging; the sharing of ideas, hobbies, affection, knowledge, understanding, empathy, good will, rapport, regard, solidarity, sadness, and joy, without the benefits or drawbacks of meeting face-to-face.

Please feel free to use the Comments to add or amend my definition.


  1. I love the fence picture! Blogship. I like it. Think we're gonna blow it by meeting Saturday? I think not. ~Mindy

  2. Or having to get out of p.j.'s and dressed to make an impression.

  3. Came by from the Domestic Fringe. Love this post!
    My blogships have been such a blessing : )

  4. I love the cow, such a pretty color!


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