Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Everything is BIG in Texas!

And so is my coffee table, although I don't know why we call it that since neither IT Guy nor I drink coffee. We do drink other stuff, but somehow calling it a beer table or a Margarita table doesn't seem to send the same message.
The table is four and a half feet across and yes, it used to be our dining room table. Don't yell at me for cutting it down. It's my table! And anyway, we like it thisaway better.

The top is painted black and shabbied. Faux-tooled faux leather is spray adhesived to the side, and brass nails trim the edge. I keep two black stools under the table for extra seating. When all our adult children come home, it's still called into service as a dining table, even though there are two other dining tables in the house.

It's also the perfect place for this old bobcat.


  1. Oh - my - goodnessss....

    You do have an "interesting home".

    My son has a skinned squirrel and a patchwork fur wall-hanging. I thought that was a little over the top, but no, you've certainly got us beat with bobcat on the coffee table.

    From now on, when people make fun of my taste, I'm sending them right over to your blog. It should quiet them right down.

    I always enjoy visiting your blog...I'm never dissapointed. (did I spell that correctly?)

  2. Do the horseshoes with leather inserts serve as coasters? Very cool.

  3. Yup, they're coasters. I bought them and a lamp from the manager of a farm that raised buffalo along the Brazos River. Glad you like them.

    The Texas Woman

  4. You should try to round up(sorry for the pun)some more tables, do your treatment to them and market them before someone steal this idea and runs with it. The Arrangement in Dallas would love this. Debbie

  5. Love the cocktail table! Very nice. I'm not big on dead animals, but, your placement is entertaining. I do like entertaining! ~Mindy

  6. Ive seen this table up close and personal. is wonderfull! You need to make some and sell em,maybe show them without the wild cat.


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