Monday, October 6, 2008

My butt is famous.

My butt has been in more plays than I have. Well, it's not really MY butt, but I do own it.

Ya see, every once in a while Chaz, an actor and director famous in community theatre around here, calls me and asks if he can hang my butt in a scene or two of a play he's doing. The Foreigner by Larry Shue was the last presentation starring my butt. That was in August, but I just got the program from that play on Saturday. I had to laugh because my butt and I actually got a separate line in the actor credits under Special Taxidermy Piece.

Chaz once told me that when the curtains open for the first time on a scene, he can always tell when the audience, scanning the stage before the action starts, spots my butt. First there are giggles, then elbow jabs and pointing, and finally guffaws and hoots. My real butt gets similar reactions.

But the deer butt is a clever piece of art I bought years ago at the county fair. IT Guy and I don't own a deer head, probably the only country people in Texas that don't. We have lots of deer horns, but no heads attached to them.

I'll just have to settle for a famous butt.


  1. I'm jealous. I don't have a butt. Cat Daddy bought me one from Frederick's Of Hollywood for Christmas one year, but it's just not the same. Debbie

  2. On the list of worst nightmares:
    that one may go to his or her
    Great Reward, but the butt stays behind. It IS a compelling object.

  3. This is perhaps the funniest wall decoration I've seen. I'm laughing right now. I can't believe you bought it! I thought it would be the kind of thing that your husband would bring home and for the sake of your marriage, you'd let him hand it, but NO, you bought this "piece of art." How interesting. At least your kinda famous for it.


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