Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The buck stops here!

I knew you wouldn't read another post about my butt unless I teased you with something new. So here's my new lamp, next to my old dog, sitting between my old chairs, on top of an old leather book, on my old wood stove.

The lamp is made from the hub of an old, old, old wagon wheel. Mary Emmerling's American Country West book shows a couple of lamps just like this, so I was happy as a wide-hipped cowgirl to find this one at a preview of a garage sale.

Now please read on while I rant...I mean talk about my butt again.

http://thedomesticfringe.wordpress.com/ said "This is perhaps the funniest wall decoration I've seen. I'm laughing right now. I can't believe you bought it! I thought it would be the kind of thing that your husband would bring home and for the sake of your marriage, you'd let him hang it, but NO, you bought this "piece of art." How interesting. At least your kinda famous for it."

First of all, let me say thank you for the comment, Fringegirl. I love comments. Jump over there, you guys, and read and laugh and comment on her stuff.

And since Fringegirl's blog today is about confessions, I want to confess here and now why I bought that dadburn deer butt.

Hunters in Texas are always saying they hunt to cull the deer herds. And I so agree with that. An unculled herd overpopulates the land, which leads to overgrazing, starvation, and disease. As reponsible Texans, we must hunt - whether it be deer, turkey, geese, hogs, whatever!

My objection is when the hunter "culls" by taking the most beautiful, the strongest, the healthiest buck, which just happens to have a wonderful set of antlers. The hunter passes on the deer that need to be culled. I know, I hear how the weaker deer will die off on their own without your help, and that's probably true. But I want the hunter to be honest about why he's hunting that big buck with the great rack.

Hence, I refuse to place a deer head with horns on my wall. They're ego pieces. My butt isn't an ego piece. It's just my butt.

I'm stepping off my soapbox now. ReBUTTal all you want in the comments.


  1. A fine point, my friend.

    I love the confession lady. I left mine, check it out for a laugh.

    Love your lamp! It looks like you. Hey, how is the room re-do coming for C-Bear? ~Mindy

  2. I can't comment, with knowledge, on
    other treasures and curiosities in your home
    (because you haven't invited any of us over),
    but the wagon hub lamp looks like it's
    a beautiful--and stylish--piece.
    It just seems to invite hands to move across its surface
    and envision all the places it has been.

  3. Ha! Can't believe my comment made it to an actual post...I'm so honored.
    For the record, I think you have some very cool and unusual pieces of art...from what I've seen so far.
    I'm just jealous that I don't have a famous butt like yours.
    By the way, I like the title FringeGirl. That might stick. Also, anything hunted should get eaten. I'm not for trophy hunting either.

  4. I love your pumpkin wagon by the way. I hope you share it! It has great personality.

  5. HI Cher. I wanted to say thanks for stopping by the party! I hope you had a good time! :)


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