Sunday, October 5, 2008

The simple photographer goes garage sale-ing.

I discovered something wonderful at a garage sale yesterday. I opened an old, beat-up paper box at a house off Texas Ave. It smelled like mothballs, and I immediately started sneezing. After wiping my nose on my sleeve (really, now, you know I lie! I’d never wipe my nose on my sleeve. My shirt was sleeveless so I used my arm!), I gently pulled apart the fragile tissue paper and discovered five or six pairs of old lady’s gloves, all colors - blue, black, green, and tan (great but not the wonderful part!).

Peeking out from underneath this loot was the corner of an old photograph. You know how I love photography. As I moved the gloves out of the way, I could see the banged up box held a treasure trove of old stained and weathered pictures.

The first one looked like the edge of a pond or creek. I loved the spiky plant in the foreground.

I could see the same plant in the next photo, but there was a statue in the background. (Maybe St. Francis of Assisi?)

The smiling man in the next picture looked huge. He dwarfed the rifle next to him.

When the next photo showed the big man with gun at ready, I was astonished. What could have made the guy turn from a happy tree-leaner to a cautious hunter?

I realized it had to be something small because the next picture showed the man was aiming downward. But this guy looked so big, he could have been shooting at anything!

He certainly wanted to make sure it was dead, whatever it was!

Oh, my! I think I understand now. In those days a snake bite could be deadly.

Especially a rattler, and that's what this one looks like. I'll have to show this pix to Mindy's Snakeman at He'll be able to identify it.

That snake looks kinda funny, though. Rigor mortis so soon? Or did the photographer go back later to take this shot. I couldn't wait to get to the next photo.

Wait. That's my own stupid stuffed snake that IT Guy shot at our farm years ago. It attacked him when he was cutting trees for a road. Luckily, he always carried a gun 'cause this one was mean and big. But pretty, as far as snakes go - which isn't very far. Yuck!

And that was Greg, my new friend, playing the part of the hunter.

I love Gimp, the photo software, don't you?

And I'm starting to love lying, too. It gets easier with practice.


  1. Talltelling just comes natural to us Texans.

  2. Well, you had me going! I had to get up and look in the mirror, but I didn't see "sucker" on my forehead. Guess it was a temporary thing. Tall tale, indeed! ~Mindy


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