Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Teensy, weensy mail

When my m-i-l was young, the mail looked a little different than it does today. Back then it was sorted by hand instead of by machine, which allowed for a variety of sizes and things to be sent to friends and relatives. One of my favorites is this fisherman's ruler sent to my m-i-l from friends visiting Seymour, Texas. Although I can't read the date on the postage, the copyright on the tag says 1910, and she assures me she received it about that time and in just this condition - no envelope, just ruler and tag sent with a three cent stamp. The black piece of paper under it is the normal size of a letter today, 3 1/2 by 5 1/2.

This little bitty envelope sports a penny stamp. Inside is a teeny, tiny thank you note for a graduation gift. I can't read the date it was sent, but I love the fact that the only address is "City". Compared to the black sample of today's mail, one wonders how the mail ever got delivered to the intended receiver.

This slightly larger envelope is a tiny Christmas card dated 1917.

Cute, aren't they? Just wait until you see her fancy valentine's!


  1. ok. I found an information here that i want to look for.

  2. Well, you are the Queen of the Day! Thank you, my friend for your help on that date situation. And I'm enjoying the M-I-L's goodies! Keep 'em coming...Mindy

  3. I think I felt a gentle breeze of
    nostalgia, an appreciation for a slower, sweeter era, as I reflected on those old mailings.
    Your blogs are always engaging as
    well as informative...they always
    move me and oft times improve me!

  4. Love the mail! It's such a special treasure!


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