Thursday, September 18, 2008

Will You Be My Valentine?

Valentine's Day in September. What could be more fun? OK, you're right. Christmas. But that's only because you're thinking of all those presents!

Anyway, take a look at these wonderful, vintage Valentine cards that were given to my m-i-l when she was a little kiddo. The one on the right is five-inches tall and undated. It's from Horace.

The layered one on the left is a favorite of mine and is eight-inches tall. It was made in Germany, and Arthur Powell gave it to her. No, I don't know these people either, but I kind of like thinking of the little kids that spent their pennies and nichols to send my m-i-l a Valentine greeting. She lived in the same area most of her life so she knew some of these children as adults. How many of us can say that?

The thrid young man just signed the card F.T.C. He must have been shy. This Valentine is also five-inches tall.

The last card is the most spectacular of the lot, I think. It's eight-inches tall and wraps completely around itself to form this lovely shape. It's from Fannie and Claudia and is the only one that is dated. Thank you, ladies, for doing that in 1929. My m-i-l was nine-years old that year.

I have gobs of her not-so-elaborate Valentine cards, but I can't find them. I remember putting them someplace very safe...

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  1. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, and for leaving a comment. I will add you also to mine. BTW, I collect vintage Valentines, too. I don't mean that I have a huge collection, but when I find them, I tend to...keep them. I love to sell stuff online, but my valentines, no way! Then a few months ago I got some vintage paper dolls. Those have to stay home too LOL. Karen


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