Thursday, October 11, 2012

My chippy addiction!

Michael, here's the chippy cabinet I bought from Renee at Round Top/Warrenton a week ago.

The patina is so lovely!

And I adore the fact that someone made repairs to the piece many years ago. The back even has a flat tobacco tin covering a hole made by some long dead mouse family.

The finish on the top has been worn down to smooth wood but it has so many beautiful brown and red colors in it.

I wish this piece could talk. 

The stories it could tell, unlike the next piece which I made new.

 I did give the new wood as chippy of a look as I could, though.

 Do you recognize the towel hanging bar?

It's leftover decoration from the bedstead gate that Juan Handyman made me!

 Yes, I hoard everything! Get over it, son!!!


  1. Your ideas could fill an entire category on Houzz.

  2. Love your "new" old chippy cabinet! And it fits perfectly in its new spot.

  3. What a find! I love it! Do you think it's a pie safe?


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