Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will my old, ratty bras make it to my mastectomy?


So you thought I had floated away on a current of chemo!

I rang the bell at MDAnderson!

Then I rang it again just to make sure God heard it! Ya see, the bell is there for us chemo patients to ring after our last treatment and my last chemo was February 19th. Hooray for me!

I was so deliriously happy to ring the bell that I forgot about all the chemo things I’d been through in the last six months, all the cancer things I’ll be going through in the future, and the disgusting fact that triple negative breast cancer has a bad reputation for reoccurring.

I was totally in denial as I happily rang the bell.

And the best way to deal with being in denial is to deny you are in denial. At least that’s how I deal with life. That’s how I’ve lived the last half of year being balder than my husband Juan Very Bald Man.

The denial euphoria lasted until yesterday when I had an appointment with my oncology surgeon. I go under the knife for tit removal March 29.

Ain’t no denying that!


  1. March 29. We will observe a moment of silence and prayer that day in my area at Zapp. Tell us what time, would ya? I love that bell thing! And denial can be a good thing. I'm sure of it! Hugs from Poetry. ~Mindy

  2. Well, logically, denial of denial is acceptance!!!

  3. Happy to hear from you!!!
    Keep strong sister!!!

  4. There's no denying that you are loved beyond belief by all of us and that a night doesn't go by without you in my thoughts and prayers.
    The way I see it, denial is just a way of refusing to let the negative in. Ain't a thing wrong with that. I'll be more than willing to call you Cleo, Queen of Denial, if it keeps your spirits up. You just tell me what you need, and's yours. In the meantime, I'll just continue to pray. Tell Juan LB he's in my prayers as well.

  5. There's also no denying that you are an amazing woman with great strength and determination.
    March 29th?

    That gives you JUUUUUSSSSTTT enough time to shop at Warrenton!!!!

  6. I love your attitude... at least the bit you show us! You inspire the hell out of me. You keep ringing those bells along the way. Mark each milestone and smack that cancer into 2050.
    Hugs as always

  7. Denial is refusing to let something kick you in the ass and keeping up the fight. Whether you realize this or not, you have been such a hero to so, so many of us! Seriously! Never giving up and continuing to believe in yourself is one of the qualties I admire in people, especially you. Let us know when its "TT" (tit time) and we will all, everywhere ring a big ass bell in your honor!
    Take care my friend, Sue

  8. I'm so happy chemo is over for you! Congrats for coming so far. March 29th I'll be praying for's going on my calendar.

    That cartoon made me laugh out loud and my son came in wondering what was happening.

  9. Hooray for you indeed! So glad you have the chemo behind you!

  10. I've missed your updates and have been checking daily (sometimes twice!) for an update. Glad chemo is behind you....and I've missed you!

  11. So you're in denial, the world won't end and you'll feel much better, right! You have reached the point in your life where you make up your own rules and I say thus far I think you've done pretty good my friend. Congrats on ending the chemo, now that's good news. I'll be praying and holding you up this day!

  12. Hooray that the chemo is behind you...God Bless You. That Debbie (Talk Trash) she is the best and has all the right things to say. Debbie is really a good friend and she loves you. I will keep on praying for you. sandi

  13. I knew there was a reason I was thinking about you're here, you're laughing. It's a good day.

  14. Hooray for you!!!

    Ok, so March 29th is on my calendar. I will be on my knees that day for someone I have come to care about and admire greatly. That would be you, by the way!

  15. Yipee for bell ringing! You will be in my thoughts! I will be tittering waiting for your results

  16. WOO-HOO!!!!!! Glad the chemo is over & will keep you in my prayers for the 29th! Denial is a good thing in some instances.

  17. Cher, I'm so glad you posted, I've been wondering how you've been, keeping you in my prayers. AND I'm sure you've heard this, but laughter IS good medicine. Keep up the good work! Karen

  18. RING A LING A LING!!! Do you hear that? I am ringing that bell for you, my friend! You are one tough cookie who will be on your feet and shopping with me soon! Yep, we are going to be helping each other heal! Don't know if the world is ready for the two of us...but here we come anyway!!! And don't think of it as losing your "tatas", think of it as losing weight! :)

    Love you!


  19. Actually, I thought you and the (not as bald as you) man won the lottery and left the country! I imagined you two on a private island, sitting on the beach naked and...
    never mind, nobody needs to know the details!
    Seriously girl, denial or are still breathing and I'm glad to have you back here. Go get rid of those boobies so you can come back and humor us again....I miss you.

  20. Congrats on getting through chemo! I'll say a prayer that your surgery goes well.

  21. Sending my love, prayers, and hugs. I was so glad to read the comment you left on my blog. There has not been a day where I haven't thought of you and wondered how you are doing. I pray that your surgery is followed by healing and healthy new future. I plan to see you on my next trip to Texas. I'll let you know in advance so you can pencil me in! :)

  22. Cher, So glad you got to ring the bell, but know there is still more to come...I pray for you everyday along with Sharon. Know I am always just a few miles away and would do anything I could to make you and Dh's life better...just holler.

  23. Cher... WAY TO RING THAT BELL!!!! So Glad you visited me the other day... I was thrilled to see a comment from you,,,, We are all behind you 100% and when you take on a new look for April, we are your biggest cheerleaders!!!! So big hugs girl and give 'em your best right hook!!! Knock down the next step. Are you at MDAnderson for the surgery? Glad Juan in a Million is right there by your side.

  24. new follower!! glad I stopped by very cute blog you have!!

  25. Cher,

    Baby steps and all is possible. I am so glad to hear you rang the bell. It is an amazing feeling to know that that one step is over. I don't know if denial is the right word. You logically know you still have more to go, but just having this first step overwith is huge. You have so much support from so many venues. Just know that I will be one of the many lifting you up on the 29th.


  26. Dearest Cher-
    Who in the world would want to live life without denial?

    Denial and I are great running buddies, and I am glad you have met.

    You are loved .


  27. Cher.....I have followed you from the first day we met here in blogland...and I am silently still here by your side....One Tit, No Tit, Blue Tit, Gone Tit.

    I love ya anyway, all the way!


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