Monday, March 8, 2010

Totally Tasteless Tuesday Thank You

This post is not for just everybody…it’s only for YOU! You who have supported and encouraged me since I discovered triple negative cancer in my left breast eight months ago.

The things you’ve done have meant so much, like your:

  • blog comments and blog mentions
  • emails
  • cards and e-cards
  • presents (like Demanda Jr.'s boobie cookies!)
  • food
  • phone calls
  • and the sharing of your own struggles with cancer.
Everything you’ve done for me, Juan In A Million, and our wonderful children.

I still have several months to go in this fight but I didn’t want to wait any longer to say thank you and to say that I love you all. I wanted to say it now. So…



  1. No thanks are needed, Cher! You get what you give. That can only mean that you are a very loving person to be loved so much by so many people! :)


  2. You are one of the most courageous, inspiring people I have ever met. I count myself blessed to have found you in this crazy little thing called Blog.

    March 29th....on my knees

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  4. Don't go getting soft on me now...I love you and your hard a** ways!
    P.S. too many typos in the previous comment.

  5. You keep on goin' girlfriend!! I need you to be round to meet me whenever I make it to the US of A!!!

  6. Don't live in the past or the future, but only for today and make every second count....continue your heroic fight girl.
    God Bless Your Sweet Heart Texas Woman

  7. Boobie Cookies and Love all in one post? This one is a keeper! You are loved, my friend! Hugs and prayers continue from Poetry. ~Mindy

  8. I had to enlarge the photo of the boobie cookies and note. That takes the cake! Love it.

    Love you and your blog too! Keep up the fight. We'll be celebrating with you when it's all over.

  9. While you are being so busy being than to everyone, I hope you take a moment or two to remember this. YOU have been an EXAMPLE (as in good example) to so, so many people. We all needed to see the strength you have shown and shared! It reminds people to keep going and never give up. You rock Cher, you REALLY do!
    Take care, Sue

  10. Every day I think of you and tap out my EFT for your recovery.

  11. You are an inspiration to us all!!! I love to hear about how your treatment is going and love your wonderful sense of humor!!!
    Blessings to you!!

  12. I like it that you are in the world.

  13. So glad you are past the chemo. Your attitude says it all girlfriend! Keep being positive and you know we both love you too! Susan & Andy

  14. P.S. If you feel like it, come see us at Warrenton.

  15. I don't even know what to say about those cookies! But, then again, your blogs have often left me speechless! ;-) That's part of what makes you so fun!

    You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  16. Cher, I'm just so glad you've got the fight in you to go through this. I know we don't "know" each other, but I keep you on my "concern" list, and check in to see how you are. Keep strong! Karen

  17. Supporting you...has been a pleasure. You are a fighter and a true inspiration to those around you. Thanks for letting me into your life and having the chance to make a "friend"! Hang in there girl. PS... love the cookie. Wouldn't they be a hoot at a baby shower too!

  18. OMGosh..I came over from someone's blog and started reading and reading and....went through the whole thing!! You made me made me cry and you made me think,,,good gosh, I hope I can be like her if I ever need to...

  19. Cool blog! Like the cartoons and pics!


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