Monday, January 4, 2010

Totally Tasteless Tuesday

Painless implants on the cheap.
Sign up NOW!

After looking at all the implants available (iTit, etc), I've finally decided on this inexpensive, one-size-fits-all, painless set of new breasts.

Apparently you get three sets for the price of one so anyone who wants to sign up with me, just let me know!


  1. You never let us "down" Cher! You rock!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. Hahaha....those little ladies look so sweet and they don't realize what they are wearing!

    Happy New Year from Houston...:)

  3. This is one time where being pointed north instead of south would be a good thing. I've already got a pair like those...minus the tatoo!

  4. oh cher,,, you could have interchangable sizes for whatever you might want to wear!!! You are in my daily prayers, but I see you do have everything under control:) it is going to be a better year, 2010, I just know it!!!

  5. Tee hee... gosh I want to hug them all, but would be scared to with those necklaces!!

    Wishing you a wonderful, happy, healthy 2010. Will be checking in on you regularly!

  6. Count me in! Those are totally boobalicious! Thanks for including me in the bargain, breast friend! :)

  7. Hi girl! Hope you enjoyed your holidays. Thanks for popping over to see me - was hoping to hear from you. Cheers to your new year! Susan & Andy

  8. Wow, it must be really cold in there!

    I can tell because they're all wearing mufflers. What were you thinking?

  9. I really like the rose tattoo. You are making me crazy! If those ladies had known they were going around the world wearing those... they'd had another drink or two! xx

  10. Cher, can I have the one with the tattoo???? Lauri@chippys

  11. You are hilarious. I think laughter is the best medicine, not only for cancer, for life itself. Love your blog and will keep you in my prayers. Blessings, Marta.

  12. What if a person wore all three at once, at staggered levels of droop?

    Load with baby bottles, add one more set and you'd have a feeding device for Octomom.

  13. HA HA HA !!! I LOVE IT!!!! I want one - no really I want one!!

  14. wow cher...i haven't visited you in so long. i just read your blog and my oh will become my new hero...that is for sure!!! let me say i love my texas women...and you are one for sure. i am really convinced that texas women have all the fun!!!
    those boobs are the bomb...especially the one with the rose tattoo...goodness....have one made with a yellow rose instead.
    stay warm with bread and those boob scarves and you will put a smile on our faces day after day.
    blessing to you all day and all night.

  15. My best friend sent me this in an e-mail awhile back ~ I SO want the one with the rose. All the best to you, Texas Woman. (Really ~ Wish I could find one of these!) teh-he-he <^~^>


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