Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Answering a tag!

Lisa of La Rustique Market had this foolish idea she wanted to tag me and find out seven things that I haven't already blabbed about on this blog. I told her she'd be sorry!

At the end of my seven I'm to tag a couple of people I'd like to know more about. That's when you'll be sorry I tagged YOU!

So anyway, let's get this about me over with!

1. My middle name is my father’s first name spelled backwards.

2. My sister has the same middle name as I do.

3. When I was married to Two, we kept snakes in aquariums in our bedroom.

4. I was afraid of water and couldn’t swim a lick until I started water aerobics when I was in my mid fifties.

5. I HAVE to sleep with a fan directly on me.

6. I’m afraid of heights but loved ziplining and would do it again in a heartbeat!

7. A man once GAVE me a racehorse. I renamed him Bubba (the horse, not the man).

I'd like to know more about so many of you out there in Bloggerville but for now I've tagged the following bloggers:

Whispering Pine Cottage Antiques

The Sweet Gardenia

Midway Records

What Now?


Tagged! You're IT!


  1. OK...what is your dad's name???

  2. So is a lick like a crick? Inquiring minds want to know. I have to have a ceiling fan too...when we go out of town, I make whoosh whoosh sounds to go to sleep.
    I hate to tell you this...but I've tagged you too!

  3. Lordy, are you ever interesting!!! Just so you know I could not do your #3 or #6. Interesting and brave you are.

  4. Can't wait to see what facts the next tag brings up!


  5. You HAVE to tell us Cher...what did you do to GET that race horse??? (Nobody just GIVES you something for FREE...do they?) ;)

    Thanks for the tag...now I'm all stressed out!
    I'll have to SERIOUSLY think about what I can (legally) disclose to the public!

    everything vintage

  6. Thanks for the tag! At first, I couldn't think of anything, but once I got started 7 seemed easy.

  7. So your middle name is Bob? I have to do the fan thing too. Unlike Trash Talk who makes the fan noise when she travels, I actually take mine with me when I travel. It saves you a lot of sound effects, Debbie! :)


  8. Soooo verrry interestttting. xo Joan

  9. A "race horse", wow, you really must be the bomb!! That is awesome. Horses and I don't get along, you would think with the Texas blood I have in me, that wouldn't be the case. I think the horses know the scare me so they take full advantage of me!!

  10. Funny! Hey, I hear you hit a good Western sale! See ya, Susan

  11. So what's your middle name??? You can't tease us like that. It must be a good one!


  12. The important question is Did the Racehorse win any races?


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